Sora no Method Episode 10 Review- The Saucer of Friendship and Sparkles.


Sora no Method Episode 10 (2)

Rating: 2/5 clouds (for effort) crop_2-complacentcloudst

Yo. This episode of Sora no Method was pointless, in the worst way possible, like ten episodes of anti-climactic pointlessness. It wasn’t as worse with Glasslip cause nothing kept happening throughout the season. Sora no Method dangles carrots of potential endings then goes and chooses the most annoying one. I spent so much time speculating the underlying plot and intention of the series WHEN IT WAS ALL SO SIMPLY SHALLOW.

Here’s the rundown…

Sora no Method Episode 10 (4)Noel is the saucer that the group of friends called down.

Noel can’t leave the town or she’ll fall ill cause I guess she’s separated from her sustenance (which I guess comes from the saucer itself)

The group’s wish was for all of them to be together.

When the wish comes true, Noel will disappear.

The friends don’t want Noel to disappear the dilemma is presented; how to stay together with each other AND Noel.

What the show wants us to do…

Sora no Method Episode 10 (5)Empathize with the friendship between Noel and the group.

Feel bad for this supposed “rock and a hard spot” situation where you want the friends to stay together but Noel to also be there

Have a moment of enlightened “Ohhhhhh” after this episode (even though there is no “Ohhhhhh,” just a “how bout no.”)

Problems and Issues…

The meaningless slice of life moments throughout the series were still meaningless because they weren’t deep enough to generate any deep emotions or strong sympathetic sentiments for the characters.

Sora no Method Episode 10 (15)Couldn’t tell Shione even likes Noel cause her character doesn’t emote cept when it comes to Nonoka.

Don’t know how Noel’s “wish-granting” ACTUALLY happens. Magic? Science? Unicorn fair powers?!???

The storytelling fell short overall because they built up the secret of the saucer and it was just ridiculously shallow. If none of the characters really interacted with Noel until Nonoka returned, they’ve had what like two to three weeks most with her? How are they THAT attached to her? Just let the saucer beam up its tiny blue-haired girl and move on with your life.

Part of growing up is letting go some friends, that’s just how life works. Sora no Method tries too hard to build the core of the plot around this friendship-togetherness theme which just isn’t realistic and comes off sorely repetitive. Oh boo hoo, there are more pressing things in life than trying to keep a saucer and your four childhood friends together forever in this town. Boo fricking hoo. I mean, as the saucer, Noel must have other wishes or towns to attend to. How could she have stayed in that town for such a long time? Aren’t there other people who need her wish-granting powers more?

Sora no Method Episode 10 (18)Sora no Method aims for idealism but falls short in execution. It expects us to follow it’s slice of life realism without questioning the vaguely presented supernatural elements. Plus, we barely got to see any of the other friends in the group actually develop beyond Yuzuki’s initial hostility towards the saucer. Too much attention on the so-called slice of life plot and not enough focus on characters leaves this anime series seriously lacking depth. Now because all the characters don’t want Shione to be the only one to leave, EVERYONE has decided to part. Noel is OBVIOUSLY not doing a very good job with this wish-granting business.

Le holy crap this series is thirteen episodes and there are still three episodes to drag out before everyone comes together in some sort of happy ending. Seriously, I try so hard to give slice of life series a chance because of my love for shows like Nagi no Asukara and Clannad but those are two seriously rare gems in a sea of shallow slice of life-drama series.

– Cloudy

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