Shirobako Episode 10 Thoughts

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When I said in earlier reviews that I thought Shirobako was more of a working adults-relatable sort of anime, it actually turned into a series that’s really relatable for teenagers or young adults… well, isn’t all anime?

Shirobako Episode 10 (10)This week’s Shirobako certainly gave us quite a bit of food for thought when it comes to big life decisions. Many of our supporting characters around Miyamori are moving away from the animation world in order to pursue their passions. It’s definitely thought-provoking for a lot of us trying to figure out what we want to do, whether we want to chase our dreams or opt for something stable and simple. The mood actually gets quite heavy halfway into the show because changing careers or jobs between companies in Japan is a big transition…

Unlike idol shows or happy slice of life who present us with really idealistic dreams -> reality instant plot formula, Shirobako actually throws in life problems a lot of young adults might be pondering at the moment. The big question is, can you really bring yourself to do a job you hate day in and day out just for the economic stability? Shirobako seems to encourage viewers to gravitate towards their passions, within reason of course and within the framework of realism of the show.

Shirobako Episode 10 (14)Aside from the big career dilemmas posed by the characters, we got to see a bit of the sound-making process behind the anime series. Luckily the process in itself was interesting to watch or it would have been labeled as meaningless filler.

I wonder if Miyamori is really going to figure out what she wants to do… she seems to embody all the “go with the flow” sentiments that many people have. The type of person who doesn’t hate the job, it’s fairly exciting, seems content but perhaps wants more… There’s plenty of time for her character to change and evolve though. Somehow I feel like Shirobako is giving tons of indecisive anime fans a lot of useful advice regarding career decisions…

– Cloudy

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