Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10 Thoughts

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10 (2)Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

I have to say… the Master x Heroic Servant dreams are the most intriguing to me in any Fate adaptation. Rin’s opening lines to Archer’s flashbacks packed quite a punch for fans of the franchise BUT I would have liked the spell to have been recited in English not Japanese.

Unlimited Blade Works definitely offers much more interpersonal character conflict beyond the physical fights which I enjoy, especially the Rin x Archer interactions.

I get too accustomed to Saber being in physical form… it makes me miss Archer’s physical presence. I mean, he’s always around Rin but never actually present to offer more snide remarks. His presence definitely gives the dialogue an edge. Of course, the disconnect between Archer and Rin’s partnership as well as their varying approaches to the Holy Grail War will have repercussions to the story later in the series.

The Caster conflict is moved much earlier in the Unlimited Blade Works route, I always found Soichirou’s relationship was both complex and intriguing. The Fate route doesn’t really explore his background much but he does offer an interesting perspective on ethics when it comes to killing, not killing, justice, and death. Soichirou’s fighting skills definitely look a lot cooler here. I always found him pretty amazing for being able to hold his own against the Servants. I kind of want to see him paired with Assassin from the Fourth Holy Grail War since his backstory goes along with that servant class.

Of course my favourite moment of the episode is Shirou’s awesome Trace On. I’m surprised he could actually parry Soichirou’s moves but he held his own long to distract. After all, Caster and Soichirou retreated thereafter. Dang it, I wanted more fighting scenes. The stuff with Caster has been dragging on for a while…

Last thing… I really want to see arrogant Gilgamesh smack Shinji in the face. Seriously, Shinji gets on my nerves =.=”

I apologize if these reviews have turned into random commentary I make about the weekly episodes. I thought commentary might make for more interesting posts than just blunt recaps of events but like I mentioned last week, events are just happening in Fate so we can all sit back and enjoy the patient pace the series has set for itself.

– Cloudy

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