Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 FINAL REVIEW… Love-Hate Anime Adaptation…

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (1)

Episode Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. HOLDDDDD UP. Why is Akame the only one left standing? IS IT ONLY CAUSE THE SHOW I NAMED AFTER HER?!?? Where will she go now?


Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (4)Esdese realizes that the kingdom’s a pretty shitty place after her beloved Tatsumi dies. She ends up raising an arena of ice around her and Akame and Tatsumi, killing a bunch of revolutionary army soldiers in the process. Esdese claims that her hunt continues, she’ll move onto a new battlefield but Akame, for the sake of the new world and the peace, cannot let Esdese walk out of there alive. The duel begins with the final supposed most strongest fighters.

Okay, while I enjoyed the combat styles and dynamics of the actual fight itself, the motivations behind the fight are rather shallow and the ending didn’t feel as resolute. Esdese was basically due to die like all the other characters of the show. That’s right, plot armour isn’t worth much in this show cause our protagonist Tatsumi died last week already. What WAS interesting about this entire battle however was Akame’s Murasame transformation. I really wanted to see Akame maybe get a new outfit or new physical features beyond the curse markings but the heightened strength and speed is a must against someone like Esdese.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (14)I really thought Akame would DIE after using the transformation BUT it was Esdese who ultimately lost. Akame’s dialogue WAS dramatic but there was definitely less of an impact after she DIDN’T DIE. Here’s one death that really should have happened =.=””” I mean, really, demonic transformations don’t warrant any physical repercussions? Esdese cutting off an arm to stave off the curse mark effects was also surprisingly clever of her. When she DOES die, she ends up freezing her and Tatsumi’s dead body together in a block of ice. They shatter into a billion ice crystals. EXCUSE YOU ANIME SCREENWRITERS CAUSE THAT WAS NOT THE OTP

OHMIGOD after all this the show finally gives us the Prime Minister’s death. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS that he has a ring that can shatter and destroy any teigu BUT WHATEVER cause Leone kills him WITH HER BARE HANDS. BUT WHY DOES LEONE HAVE TO DIE!??!? SO UNNECESSARY and it was really only for dramatic effect to kill all the main Night Raid characters except Leone. Now HER death really got to me cause SHE DID NOT deserve to be killed. Hmmph. At least she dies peacefully.

“Even if you stop my imperial arms, my soul is stronger than whatever rotten thing you have for one.” – Leone

Akame, Wave, Ran and Najenda ultimately survive but Akame just DISAPPEARS and Najenda pins all of Night Raid’s wrongdoings on her in order to create a stable new government empire. Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (35)It all came off as REALLY shallow to me because literally after all the “bad guys” in the Capital’s rotten government die, people just go from sad to HAPPY in the span of A DAY. No one’s mourning the deaths of their fathers or sons who were part of the administration? No one is upset their buildings or homes have been destroyed in the fight or their loved ones have been injured in the chaos? Everything snapped from black to grey in an instant and I felt that this really discarded the different shades of moral grey that the show initially aimed to portray with the original manga material.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (36)The little Emperor boy goes from being a mindless puppet baby to someone who’s all “I will bear responsibility and die with honor.” HOW BOUT NO cause your death does not atone for all the chaos, and bloodshed you wrought or the infrastructure you destroyed with your giant teigu mecha toy.

I am glad to see Tatsumi’s village actually get gold after ALL THIS. The last scenes were really to show us that while the people and the peasants enjoy peace, they will never understand what the assassins, these noble shadowy dark night heroes, did in order to create that stable life for them. What the ending of the show tries to aim at really aims for too much idealism. Anyone who’s studied history will tell you things don’t just go from one chaotic extreme in one night to happy idealism the next. That CHEESY CHEESY narrative in the last lines of the episode DID NOT HELP my closing thoughts on the show and left me with a really tacky impression of the ending overall.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (38)

I would have preferred Tatsumi to live above all else, maybe even keep Mine or Lubbock alive in the story. In shows like these, either EVERYONE dies and the empire rebuilds itself gradually or NO ONE dies and they triumph like actual superheroes. If Tatsumi remained alive and gave us a dialogue that actually demonstrated how much he’d evolved or matured as a character. Instead, Akame was given the final limelight; after the credits, we’re shown Akame wandering a desert-like setting. She still has her teigu… is there even a need for teigu now that the empire’s achieved “peace”? After everything that’s happened, she claims that she really only knows how to kill. REALLY? REALLY? After ALL THAT TIME you spent with your friends and ALL THOSE DEATHS you still want to kill. Wow. Okay. At least the show stayed true to the fact that they DID NOT develop Akame at all beyond her assassin archetype. What’s her future? What does she have faith in? Her dialogue is REALLY too vague. Honestly, she and Kurome had so much potential as three dimensional characters but the show only gave them enough of a sister spat to duke out a cool battle.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (37)At least Wave and Ran get to live peacefully in the capital cause EVERYONE else got a giant DEATH STICKER to the forehead… EVEN THE SUPPOSED MAIN CHARACTER. It is hella confusing for people when the entire story is told from Tatsumi’s perspective and ends with Akame’s with no connective transition. They weren’t dating nor did they have any close comrade heart to heart talks. None of the characters were given any introspective reveals on how they each felt and reacted to the injustices of the capital NOR did we see any deep conversations between any of the characters. Most of the camaraderie Night Raid moments were used as happy filler scenes before dramatic battles/bloodshed or just shallow comedic filler.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (26)While we’re on the topic of all my Akame ga Kill grievances, I know this isn’t exclusively an issue I have with the anime but I am really not a big fan of Tetsuya Tashiro’s character designs. The story is written by Takahiro but the art is by Tashiro and all the characters just look weirdly mismatched. Akame is supposed to be the main (ish) heroine and is given a sailor suit with grieves, a tie and boots. While this is all fair and dandy, I feel like she’s designed with a sailor suit for the sake of OH THIS IS ANIME SOMEONE NEEDS TO WEARS SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE A JAPANESE UNIFORM. Tatsumi is always wearing that ugly yellow grandpa sweater vest, Mine always has a granny shawl over her cute dress and Schere wears a sort of Chinese Qipao-cut kind of dress. I’m really curious as to why the artist didn’t come up with casual wear and actual assassin-mission clothes cause I don’t think Schere can move easily in that dress… The strange mix of styles might denote everyone’s mixed ethnicities but it’s also a mix of time period fashion trends which is what throws me off. But I digress…

Final Series Rating (with the original anime ending): 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Ugh, this ending just leaves me unsatisfied and uncomfortable. It shaves off most of the social depth that initially attracted me to the show and leaves us with a poorly presented black and white happy-sort-of-but-not-really-ending. Whoo.

Some backgrounds in the anime beyond the original manga content just felt shoddy and underdeveloped. Often they used a lot of gradient stripes behind fast moving shots that just felt artistically out of place. You can clearly tell which key frames they spent a lot of time getting details in and which ones were generally drawn and coloured.

Akame Ga Kill Episode 24 (39)

… I can barely see everyone’s faces =.= and why is the incursio armour standing on its own? For the sake of balancing out the heights in photo composition?!??

The anime wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good, and it felt incomplete. Though I enjoyed the manga adapted part of the show, the ending really skewed my long lasting impression of the show. Well at least it’s done, now we can start forgetting any of this mecha, random deaths nonsense ever happened, go re-read all the good parts in the manga and hope the manga doesn’t progress to this poorly designed end.

– Cloudy

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