Shirobako Episode 11 Review

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

After a really long and exhausting day, Shirobako is one of those patient paced anime that really helps you unwind from your worries. I guess because the show places its characters in such realistic settings, it’s all the more relatable when you see Miyamori scurrying around to get her tasks done or Zuka stressing over her current career.

In this week’s episode of Shirobako we got to see Miyamori’s schedule reach its peak with the production schedule of episode twelve, the finale episode of Exodus. Since there aren’t enough key animators, Miyamori’s trying to draw in connections so that she can make the cuts in time. However, too many different animators leave the episode looking incoherent in art style while too few is cutting it close with time. Worst case scenario and the entire team has to start from scratch.

Shirobako Episode 11 (15)I’m ever so amused with Miyamori’s gothic doll and polar bear introspections, where the plushies act as devil and angel counterparts in Miyamori’s thinking. We do get to see Miyamori’s character layer in more three dimensionality with a back story interlude of when she first started out in the working world. She was definitely awkward and ill-prepared for interviews. After all, she was completely unsure of what she wanted to do. In an ironic change of events, Miyamori ends up on the other side of the interview room. I do agree with the others on the team that Miyamori is a good judge of character… though the applicants are such a strange collection of characters.

Also, I felt really bad for Yano towards the end of the episode, who had to be escorted by Tarou to the hospital where her father was staying. Tarou is just… all kinds of unreliable =.= (cept when it comes to comedic relief).

Oh Miyamori… what are you aiming at in your life? Poor Miyamori, wandering the streets in a strange pseudo-fairytale setting, asking travellers to draw key frames… nice touch with the pixelated mention of neighbouring companies. I know what you did. I saw Doraemon and Gundam Zakus… I do admire Miyamori for her hutzpah when she approaches the big shots to bring in key animators. Twelve days till delivery… GANBATTE MIYAMORI-SAN!!

– Cloudy

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