Sora no Method Episode 11 & 12 Thoughts & Pre-Finale Confusion and… Twist?!?

OHMYGOODNESS Not only did I miss Donten ni Warau’s eleventh episode< I also missed Sora no Method’s. I sincerely apologize if you’ve been following these Sora no Method recaps weekly. Haven’t done a double recap/review in a while but these two episodes seem to go together.

Sora no Method Episode 11 (1)Episode 11 Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Again, the meteor shower becomes crucial to the pivotal points in the story. Nonoka tries to encourage the group to convene at the observatory, to fight for their friendships cause right now everyone’s decided to force their distance in order for Noel to continue to exist… Again, props for Nonoka trying hard to make things work. Being a proactive protagonist is good even though the story isn’t progressing much…

“My wish is for everyone to smile… It’s the wish that Noel said was beautiful.” – Nonoka

Somehow I feel like Nonoka understands Noel more than everyone… more than the audience anyway, though she’s not revealing much.

Sora no Method Episode 11 (7)GAH I wish Souta and Yuzuki would just make up. This stupid wish is wrecking everything, EVEN SIBLING LOVE!!! Souta is such a sweet brother. HIS wish to the saucer was for him to be friends with everyone, even Yuzuki. He supposes that the saucer’s sparkles over the lake was Noel’s way of granting Souta’s wish. Yuzuki’s wish was to be able to make up with all her friends after a fight. Souta muses that it’s probably time they tried to grant Noel’s wish since Noel’s been working (I guess) to grant everyone else’s wish. The semantics of this wish granting business is hella vague. This ambiguous supernatural force frustrates me =.=” Also, Noel takes things too literally… that chibi needs to learn figurative language, but then again, I think she’s six… or something.

“Oh saucer, saucer, please grant my wish…”

Sora no Method Episode 11 (12)Everyone arrives at the observatory and you’d THINK things are going well as the credits roll cause things in the present day seem to repeat itself, including Shione’s introduction into the group again and Shione taking pictures (cause I guess the pictures are there for when Noel disappears). BUT WAIT there’s still like seven minutes to go and you just know weirdness is going to happen cause Noel suddenly says aloud that she needs to go home. I REALLY don’t get why Shione is so attached to Noel. A trip to the hot springs makes you besties nowadays I guess…? Supposedly they’re ALL attached to Noel because they all spent time and “bonded” with Noel though it doesn’t really feel like it. Still, I suppose it’s a bit emotional with everyone crying.

Can’t they just make a wish to the saucer that they want Noel to stay? Or does that contradict the wish-making process? I have so many follow-up questions regarding this blue-haired saucer girl. Sora no Method is one of those shows you just GO ALONG WITH in the present moment cause if you ever try to connect dots this way and that throughout the series, there are SO MANY PLOT HOLES that I can’t even…

Noel. You’re a saucer. How have you never witnessed a meteor shower?!?? You live in the sky. You’re magical. HOW?!?

BUT WAIT… UFO MAGIC TIME IS NOW and Noel disappears (in the last two minutes of the THIRD LAST EPISODE)

Hold up. Maybe it’s a good thing I skipped last week’s review so both episodes could tie together in these pre-finale thoughts. This is JUST WEIRD. Is it a time skip? Alternate dimension? It’s gone from summer to snow to time skip backwards ohmigosh WUT?!?

Episode 12 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Well now this is just stupid cause NO ONE remembers their friends with each other AT ALL. Noel disappeared. The saucer disappeared.

Sora no Method Episode 12 (3)OHMIGOSH THIS RIDICULOUSNESS. Even Shione doesn’t live where she used to live O_O”

Somehow, Nonoka finds her way back to the observatory but no one’s there. She returns home in a despondent state. No one has any recollections of their time with Noel except Nonoka so Nonoka resolves to record everything she knows about Noel.

Ohhhhh they played the dream card. WHYYYY WAIIIIIII. This is 2014. No one uses that stereotypical plot device anymore geezus.

Thank goodness for Nonoka though, Shione DOES remember Noel’s tears on the night of the meteor shower. Nonoka ISN’T CRAZY THANK GOODNESS. OMG what is the last episode even going to be about? I feel like this pretty much wrapped it up already. Sigh** SO MUCH SIGH**

It can’t be a dream now because Shione remembers so what is this series actually trying to do? I hope the writers weren’t shabby enough to think we’d buy this time lapse happy friendship ending because it certainly has not provided any semblance of closure yet.

One more week, one more week…

– Cloudy


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