Shirobako Episode 12 Review

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This episode of Shirobako was definitely my favourite. Miyamori showed us just how much gumption she’s got as an assistant producer and I loved the Evangelion reference in there. I was also pleasant surprised at how they touched on Christmas in the show; so this anime world doesn’t just revolve around anime but actually asserts much needed holiday mentions and such.

Shirobako Episode 12 (11)I was surprised at how Kanno, the well renowned key animator that Miyamori approaches, contributed so much to the episode. He wasn’t just a filler supporting character (cause he’ll most likely only appear once in this show). He encourages Miyamori to return to her own animation studio and ask one of her own colleagues. Kanno does give us a lot of food for thought because he points out not a lot of people have the basic and artistic skills to draw the horses needed for the climactic scenes in Exodus’s last episode. Kanno also mentions that in this industry, key animators do want to be told “you are the only one who can do this.” It implies a sense of necessity and indispensability.

Shirobako Episode 12 (14)The writer ties Miyamori brilliantly full circle to Shigeru Sugie-san, the oldest and most experienced key animator in the company. He wasn’t originally involved with Exodus because his style wasn’t suited for modern-animation styles that require moe or cutesy characters. However, his experience with anime really comes in handy when it comes to estimating how long it takes for each frame to be finished. Andes Chucky, Miyamori’s all-time favourite anime was also coincidentally the anime that made Sugie-san a legend in the industry. He drew all the key frames for one episode in three days O_O””

Both the key animation leads STEP UP to help do second key animation on the roughs that Sugie-san will be producing. All the younger key animators jump at the chance when their senpais volunteer. THIS OLD MAN IS JUST TOO BADASS. I loved the montage style omg and how the entire episode and all the characters come together. AMAZING!!

Shirobako Episode 12 (29)Between Emi and Miyamori, Emi tells her friend that Sugie-san said he was having fun and later, Sugie thanks Miyamori for providing him with the opportunity to become necessary to the company again, that there was still something that he was needed to do, something only he could do. For such an experienced animator that’s witnessed SO MUCH CHANGE in the anime industry, it must be daunting for him to see how popular animation styles in the anime world has changed. It almost makes me sad that there are really some old animators who might see themselves as extra baggage to the company because they can’t keep up with contemporary styles. Age doesn’t equal inability to do things well in the art world. The show’s focus on Sugie-san also reminds viewers that there’s so much wisdom previous generations can offer.

My favourite moment is when Miyamori is fangirling over Andes Chucky to Sugie-san. TOO CUTE!!!

Shirobako Episode 12 (25)I’m glad the anime episode DID show us some shots of Exodus and the horses look REALLY GOOD. LOL no pressure on those Exodus scenes animators!

Major props to the president for staying so cool and collected even though everyone is usually scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off in these life or death anime industries.

For all the emotional moments that action-shonen, shoujo-romance or fantasy can offer, it’s these realistic every day moments of triumph that we can relate closely to because they’re actually situations everyday people find themselves in. I am enjoying Shirobako so much and it’s a shame the show is so underrated this season because of all the bigger name franchises, additional seasons or action-shows that have been hyped up. Fantastic midpoint cut to the show and I’m officially hooked with this series. Can’t wait to see more!!

Shirobako Episode 12 (31)Shirobako Episode 12 (34)

– Cloudy

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