Akatsuki no Yona Episode 11 & 12 Review

Episode 11 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

This episode fell a little short for me. Most of the time the episode focused on Ki-Ja’s settling into the group dynamic and most of the episode time was spent wandering around the forest either lost or pulling out some comedic relief to all the seriousness that’s been going on in the past ten episodes.

Ki-Ja’s definitely an interesting figure. As the first dragon introduced, he’s not without his quirks. He’s both a vicious warrior AND a clean freak LOL (some of the best warriors are… see Heichou Levi). Hak and Ki-Ja interactions definitely leave a lot of leeway for comedic relief and rivalry that’s healthy among character group interactions.

Akatsuki no Yona Episode 11 (20)“He protects me all the time now, but someday, I want to protect him.” – Yona

I’m proud of Yona for taking the initiative to be a good archer but the story has definitely shifted away from her currently to spotlight the Hak and Ki-Ja interactions. Ki-Ja’s to cute when he blushes… (It’s okay Ki-Ja, I hate bugs too).

Too bad for all of Hak’s bravado, the man passes out after the fight’s over due to sheer exhaustion. I still wish the anime devoted some time to Yona’s new personality changes because she IS becoming such a strong human being. (Gosh, Hak is so proud of his princess)

The search for the blue dragon continues in our next episodes…

Akatsuki no Yona Episode 12 Review

Episode 12 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I like Akatsuki no Yona a lot but I’m really contemplating dropping it for all the new stuff coming out in the Winter season because it’s progressing rather steadily in a predictable way. At first the stereoptys were endearing because I felt emotionally attached to the characters’ growth. Now, the spotlight has shifted away from Yona and Hak for quite some time now and in lieu of the quest for the four dragons.

The group ends up in a sketchy cavernous maze where Ki-Ja claims that the Blue Dragon is nearby. After much wandering, Yona meets a squirrel and follows it, separating her from her band members. After almost being kidnapped by some mysterious creeper, the owner of the squirrel, a masked man, saves Yona. He takes her back to Hak and the others. Ki-Ja then recognizes (and I suppose it’s mutual), the other dragon. Unlike Ki-Ja though, I’m surprised he can keep his dragon hand under control.

Akatsuki no Yona Episode 12 (15)We flashback rather quickly to eighteen years ago when the blue dragon’s new incarnation was born. He was given a mask in order to suppress the dragon’s power OHHHHHH. Got it. Poor blue dragon, his childhood was so lonely all because of his powers. It turns out that the blue dragon’s eyes can paralyze the nerves or hearts of whom they gaze upon. The power is legendary yet deadly because paralyze your enemies will paralyze yourself. As the previous blue dragon lost his sight, he also slowly reverted back to being a human. It seems like the descendant of blue dragons have endured a cruel legacy. In order to protect the village, the current blue dragon goes out to fight the soldiers that approach it, a power that wasn’t supposed to be used (at least not until he met the red dragon again).

Wow, short amount of time, lots of back story and emotional turmoil. The blue dragon’s story is so much more complex than Ki-Ja’s.

– Cloudy

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2 thoughts on “Akatsuki no Yona Episode 11 & 12 Review

  1. Hello!

    First of all, thank you for the lovely reviews you make!
    I really enjoy reading them.

    I was just wondering why did you stop reviewing Akatsuki no Yona?
    I would like to know your opinion about the rest of the anime.

    Thank you

    • Hi! Thanks for reading my reviews =)
      The reason I stopped reviewing Akatsuki no Yona was because 1) the subsequent season was just really busy for me and I had a lot of new shows to check out and 2) the search for the four dragons dragged out a bit for me which is why I backlogged it.

      I have heard that the series picks up towards the end so I’m probably going to go back and finish it when i have time =)

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