HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! To kick off 2015, we are starting off with a lovely Love Live Haul. If you guys are looking to check out my review on the series itself, check out the link here or if you’re new to the series, check out my first impressions here.

Also, We recently hit 2000 subscribers, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for all your support, for subscribing, for watching my videos, sharing them. It was really the best end of the year present and Youtube has made my 2014 so memorable. You guys have made my Youtube experience so wonderful so far and I hope I will be able to bring you guys more rants, reviews, commentary and unboxings in 2015.

– Cloudy

What are you pondering today?

One thought on “LOVE LIVE HAUL!!!

  1. In the video you pointed out Eli and Maki’s eyes not being the proper color in those plushies/key chain ones, yeah that kinda does bother me. Other than that nice haul of goods. I hope to buy some Love Live merch one day; aside from LLSIF on my tablet I don’t any real merch. And I call myself a Love Live fan too… Anyways, nice pics, great post!

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