Absolute Duo Episode 1 First Impressions

Absolute DuoRating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

On first glance the opening scenes seem pretty regular, it almost reminds me of the opening scenes of Clannad when the students are standing at the bottom of the hill and cherry blossoms are blowing. Our protagonist Thor Kokonoe sees a beautiful girl standing near the entrance…

But even with the pretty setting, the entire opening scenes seem like a farce because they waste ABSOLUTELY no time getting into the action of the series. I didn’t feel like the manga was THIS RUSHED when the story is first introduced. For anime-only fans this might be JUST A BIT too much to take in all at

The story starts in Koryu Academy where the students are required to pass a battle entrance exam in order to secure their place in the Academy. Since this series takes place in a fantasy action world, each of the fighters is required to summon Blaze, a weapon that manifests from their soul. Thor is unique because while regular Blaze weapons are usually offensive, his ends up being defensive and therefore, an irregular.

“May you someday reach Absolute Duo.”

Absolute Duo Episode 1 (8)In class after the entrance ceremony, the students gawk at the lovely foreign student, Julie Sigtuna, who seems quite interested in Thor LOL But seriously, I cannot take any of the faculty members seriously. The academy president is a gothic loli. The homeroom teacher is a bunt maid… goodness this is going to be a fun season. The students (and the viewers) are given the run-down on how the Academy and the entire Duo system works. Since the Dorn Agency mostly places teams in pairs anyway, they’re starting early with the duo-team working system in the academy. Rooms are also double rooms. It just so happens that the person sitting next to you in class HAPPENS TO BE your partner. NO QUESTIONS ASKED LOL. I do like how they break down gender boundaries in this Academy to favour fighting abilities to the rooming issues are not an issue for the faculty. For the students now…

Julie is rather beautiful in the manga and I really wish the animation style captured her foreign features a bit better but I’m sure male viewers will be happy with the little ecchi tidbits they placed in the show. I do like how Julie moves in combat though I didn’t like the animation style for the Blaze summoning. I expected it to be A LOT more epic, like a super saiyan kind of charge up but the made it a simple summoning of fire.

The Julie x Thor scenes are interesting because she speaks much more casually and is super forward because she’s not actually Japanese. Needless to say, they’ll make a kickass partnership in the future. The first episode ends after the very first day of school. Not a bad way to end a pilot, not bad at all.

Absolute Duo Episode 1 (31)Absolute Duo has wasted no time to get the premise and character set-up established as well as a few basic rules to this magic/fantasy system. The opening song is hella awesome and the ending song and its credits are rather beautiful. After the credits we get a little slice of life tea scene with the two characters which will give us a glimpse into the partnership. EVEN THE PREVIEWS ARE ADORBS OMG!!

I’m definitely keeping up with this series this season and I hope you guys will watch Absolute Duo too!

– Cloudy

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