Death Parade Episode 1 Impressions

Death ParadeWhat happens when we die? Where will we go? Who… or what, decides what happens to us? When people die in Death Parade, they are all taken to heaven or hell, however, when couples die at the same time, they are given an opportunity to play a game at Quindecim in the place between haven and hell, a purgatory of sorts. Through the game, our each person will figure out the true nature of their partner and themselves…

Spoiler-Free Impressions

Overall I thought the set-up was a great spin on the intricacies of life and death. As a series, the content of the first episode was quite engaging and I assume there will definitely be some Quindecim matches that will definitely twist things up. The rules are also easy to follow despite the pace of the show being set quite quickly. Naturally the beginning of the series will go for the straightforward approach to lay down the rules and ease the audience into this new system of morals and ethics, or lack thereof in this series.

Death Parade Episode 1 (3)The art style is realistic when it comes to the players of the game, but quite eccentric, bordering on gothic when we see the members of Quindecim. How are the people of Quindecim chosen anyway? Another mystery of this system.

I have high hopes for this series this season. Whenever rules are supposedly set in stone, someone will come along to challenge the pre-existing system. Whether that’ll be a newcomer or a member of Quindecim is still to be seen.

Rating: 4.2/5 curiously excited clouds (a must watch this season) Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

SPOILERS BELOW!!! I imagine there will be some pretty interesting games throughout the season so I wanted to recap the game and offer some thoughts on the ending of the episode…

Death Parade Episode 1 (10)Enter our first couple, Machiko and Takeshi, a newly-wed couple with no recollections of their deaths… of course all comes out in the open in the end. Quindecim offers many games on the roulette but in episode one, we’re looking at darts. If you play, you have the choice to decide between heaven or hell, if you don’t play, you get added to the collection of corpses in the back who are forever dead in this purgatory.

Darts in Quindecim are pretty interested, the person who has the score closest to zero wins, however, each number target corresponds to a body part or never. In the end, the bullseye is the heart. Surprisingly, it’s Takeshi who begins to break down much quicker than Machiko when the stakes get high. Later, Machiko reveals that she’s pregnant and this sort of sways Takeshi to go easy on her in the game. It turns out that Takeshi thought Machiko had been cheating on her and even when Machiko spins a story about the fact that she had been loyal to him all along, in the end Machiko clams she HAD been cheating on Takeshi. I know, this couple drama gets intense but as the game goes on, more and more memories, key points of their lives, flash into their minds.

Death Parade Episode 1 (19)When Machiko wins the game, she remembers that she and her husband are already dead. Decim, the arbitrator finally explains that Quindecim exists for the purpose of ruling who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. The twist, is that at the end of the game, the winner ended up going to reincarnation and the loser ended up in the void… well, I wouldn’t expect games in purgatory to function exactly the way that games on earth function but I wonder if the switch-up is just particular to this couple or if it’ll happen like this every time.

After the credits, we meet Onna and Nonaginta, who have been watching the entire ordeal. Onna seems new to all this, the opening scenes hint at her being at Quindecim, perhaps she’s a special case of sorts? Onna asks Quindecim to tell her… something. Interesting…

Dat opening song doe. LOL

Death Parade Episode 1 (5)

– Cloudy

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