Shirobako Episode 13 Review

Hey guys, I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for the last few days, I flew back from Hong Kong to the UK and then I had to get my jet lag fixed and start studying for exams, it’s all been quite hectic… but I am very pleased to return to a relaxing series like Shirobako.

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Initially I thought Shirobako would be twelve episodes, spanning only one season, but the twenty-four episodes gives us really the much needed and well deserved time that Shirobako needs in order to fully flush out the intricacies of the working world and the anime industry. The new opening and ending are great additions to the lighthearted mood to the series as well.

Shirobako Episode 13 (3)This week, Miyamori is FINALLY getting kicked promoted out of her comfort zone and tasked with all the duties that production desk is in charge of. Production desk literally does anything and everything that needs to be done. New recruits will be coming soon which is why Tarou and Miyamori are being delegated more advanced and significant parts in the production process.

The new anime that Musashino Animation has picked up is a 3D heavy mecha moe anime called Third Aerial Girls Squad. In the early planning stages, Miyamori runs around coordinating the new schedule and trying to fit in all the necessary steps. She (and the rest of the crew) also get to work in reading the original work to get a better grasp of the series.

Shirobako Episode 13 (13)A few of the other MusaAni members are also getting moved around. Since Gothic-Loli-san is going back to her roots in key animation, Iguchi is being nominated to step into the world of character design. It’s interesting overall to see Miyamori so fully involved in the scheduling and planning phases of the anime-making process. There are so many complexities with artists, designers and animators to get through… her go-getter attitude is definitely a huge advantage for her in this line of work. I have to say, Miyamori REALLY inspires me to work hard.

Shirobako Episode 13 (14)

There’s much less focus on the other supporting characters but I do hope once we get past the beginning of the second half of the series that the story will shift back to Zuka-chan, Misa or Midori who haven’t really gotten that much screen time.

– Cloudy

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