The iDOLM@StER Cinderella Girls Episode 1 Impressions

The Idolmaster Cinderella GirlsIf you familiar with the Idolmaster game series, you’ll know that there is a HUGE CAST of characters ranked with different cards and stats in the games, with different personalities. This season’s new anime adaptation of Idolmaster was adapted from the mobile game sub-title-named as Cinderella Girls. Again, it follows the regular progression of young girls on the path to idolhood.

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

We are introduced to two girls at first. The first is Uzuki, a real go-getter type of aspiring idol who easily latches onto Producer-san’s “I like your smile” line. She’s a little ditzy, a lot positive and a real starry-eyed kind of girl. I feel like she’s in it for the fun times and the glory to be honest but she does work very hard so props to her.

She ends up meeting another girl named Rin who’s in the process of being recruited by Producer-san from Production 346. Rin is much more down to earth and pretty averse to being an idol at first. She seems much more level-headed and realistic that Uzuki off the get go.

Producer-san is pretty shady, I agree with Rin. He’s like emotionless and somehow I feel like he’s just reaching out to random girls to form an idol group. He seems… to have good intentions though.

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Episode 1 (22)The overall pacing of the show seemed pretty rushed to me. Two girls recruited immediately in the span of twenty-four minutes. We even flew through credits on the screen as the episode ends. The Cinderella audition continues with a line of other girls. I haven’t played the game so I’m unsure as to how the pacing for the show will actually go.

As an anime-only viewer and reviewer my expectations aren’t CRAZY HIGH for this show because as an idol show, there’s a certain amount of quality and story content you can expect to see. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Episode 1 (24)However, I am in it for the music, the bright-bubbly group of girls and the relaxing slice of life aspects. As a fan of Love Live, I’m eager to dip my toes into more of the idol world. As well, I’ve also heard from other idol anime series fans that IDOLM@STER is one of the best franchises out there so it’s got a steady fanbase to rely on for answers should there be any confusion throughout the story. If any of this interests you, you might want to give the show a try.

– Cloudy

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