The Rolling☆Girls Episode 1 Impressions

The Rolling GirlsI was REALLY IMPRESSED with the colourful animation aesthetic and mix of art styles in this series. The opening prologue really intrigued me with its multiple textures and fast paced visuals. If anything, the art will definitely keep you hooked into the series at least the third or fourth episode. Unlike Studio Wit’s previous success, an anime series adapted from the popular series Shingeki no Kyojin, Rolling Girls is Wit’s first original animation and they spared no expense to get all those lovely details into the animation.

The story takes place in a modernistic Tokyo that’s been split up after a huge war. After “some stuff happened” (lol nice plot set-up), the different parts of Tokyo claimed independency and now there are tons of power-struggles and prefecture-conflicts. The fighting styles are AWESOME, they remind me a bit of Kill la Kill’s overly dramatic action clashes from Trigger but The Rolling Girls Episode 1 (4)here we get extravagant splashes of colours instead of hard and rough sketch gradients. It all seems just a bit too far-fetched for the series to be considered part of the slice of life genre, however, there’s just enough suspension of belief as you fall into the rhythm of the episode pacing to forget about reality.

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The Rolling Girls Episode 1 (22)The premise set-up really reminds me of motorcycle-district gang wars and the fighting is a really creative aspect of the action in this story. The first five-six minute are pretty fast paced before we shift scenes to the quieter slice of life narratives of the show beginning with Nozomi Moritomo, the daughter of a family who runs a local snacks shop. Nozomi is currently a trainee in a motorcycle gang, well, in this world, they call it this army, a “Mob.”

This episode’s conflict is between a leader name Maccha Green and Ms. Shigyou which goes on for quite some time before the conflict dies out. Turns out Maccha Green is a… secret superhero of sorts?

The Rolling Girls Episode 1 (16)Surprisingly, amidst all the sparkly animation and the fast-paced action, there’s still time in the episode for a few meaningful scenes between Nozomi and her super-cool motorcycle-riding senpai (who happens to be the girl behind the Maccha Green mask lol). What I’m mostly interested in after this first episode is 1) how crazy the art will go and 2) just how they’ll flush out the political intricacies of this society through Nozomi’s point of view especially when at present she still seems quite  removed from the prefectural conflicts as a mere trainee. As for 3) I’m really excited to see how the Rolling Girls main group of characters will assemble. The character designs are really easy on the eyes.

I feel like this show will definitely be heavily dominated by kickass females. Even ramen eating turns into an epic-race between two motorcycle-riding rivals… so I’m really eager to see just how hard this show will push the exaggerated action. The first episode ends with a bit of an intense cliff-hanger when the “Bests” gang/mob provokes Maccha Green’s allies in a dangerous roller coaster ploy. Will Maccha Green make it? Will the Bests succeed? Will our slice of life girls plummet to their doom in the second episode? LOL Only way to find out is to keep watching XDD

– Cloudy

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