Kantai Collection Episode 1 Impressions

Kantai CollectionThe first thing that impressed me about Kantai Collection was the gorgeous character animation. Really high budget stuff. The landscape and special effects are on par as well. It really sets a high standard for the new shows this season. Lots of suspense in that prologue and tons of fighting before we shift scenes to Fubuki and the other destroyer weapon girls of Torpedo Squadron Three…

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Okay so these girls “possess” the spirit of these Japanese warships and therefore are fit to fight in military settings. Why must all the military weapons be cute moe girls? Cause it’s an anime. Next question.

I mean, the battle scenes are definitely engaging and the special effects are REALLY COOL but I don’t know how seriously I can actually take this show in terms of political/military conflict. It all seems pretty surreal especially when you have these cute teenage girls talking about military battles like it’s your everyday slice of life content. Akagi and Kaga, the archery senpai twins (but not really twins) are totally cool though. The archery intrigues me more than the actual industrial military armaments but the blending of the two is quite unique.

OMG ONE GIRL (Hibiki) SAID KHOROSHO… TOO CUTE. (reminds me of Eli from Love Live who has the same catchphrase)

Kantai Collection Episode 1 (18)There’s a fairly large cast of girls within this setting but since a large portion of the audience members are fans of the original game, they won’t have a problem with this set-up. Anime-only viewers who are approaching the story for the first time will need a bit of adjusting unless your taste usually lies in the mecha military sci-fi areas of anime. The characters don’t seem to aim for heavy personality development beyond moe-cuteness and battle action kickass-ness but then again it’s not the first time these elements have attracted fans to a series like this. I am quite excited for the gamer fans who have been looking forward to this and I wouldn’t mind choosing one of these girls to cosplay as since the character designs are quite creative and interesting, incorporating a blend between traditional Japanese styles, modern military combat and school girl uniform styles.

While I would love to follow this series to see what crazy adventures these war machine girls will get into, I’m not a huge fan of the military set-up nor have I played the game. I’ll probably keep up with the episode but not on a weekly blog post basis. The combat choreography is definitely innovative as is the animation-3D mix present in the naval warfare… and wow, certain members of the cast are actually voicing more than three characters…

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this quickie review. Thanks for reading, more first impressions are due to come soon! ^^

– Cloudy

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