Shirobako Episode 14 Thoughts

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OMG where would this director be if he didn’t have a fantastic production team of members behind him…

Shirobako Episode 14 (11)WOW this entire Aerial Girls project, starting from the get-go of the planning stages are just CRAZY, the entire seiyuu casting process is INSANE. From auditions, to meetings, votes and marketing aspects of the show. The marketing person wants the popular seiyuu, the composer wants an actress with a good singer, one random guy wants an actress with a good looking girl with a huge rack. OHMIGOODNESS some industry guys are just INSANE…

Shirobako Episode 14 (13)Poor Mr. chubby Director, pushed around the table by his crazy company co-workers… I’m impressed he’s pushing for Kyoko Suzuki despite her lack of experience. In a final SPUR of effort, the main role is given to a lovely Kyoko Suzuki but even then, the casting for supporting roles discussion is just RUTHLESS. Miyamori runs in an out serving tea throughout the day, I’m surprised she hasn’t lingered around to listen in on whose being caster. Major props to President-san for his cooking skills. Food seems to solve most of the problems at Musashino Animation. Man Shizuka was SO CLOSE to actually getting a role on the show… but it went to a more seasoned veteran.

Shirobako Episode 14 (22)Even the writers go into a detailed research process about the military and mechanical aspects of the Aerial Girls show. I’m really proud of Midori for being such a go-getter and Misa is even getting a role on the show. Now four out of five girls will be working on Aerial Girls together…

Seems nice that Honda-san makes a little cameo in this episode after he leaves Musashino Animation to pursue his career in baking.

There’s a lot of networking and connection-building going on at Musashino Animation in this week’s episode. The approach to Aerial Girls is definitely vastly different from Exodus because Aerial Girls already has such a strong following of fans in contrast to Exodus which was the dark horse of the previous anime season. Miyamori is increasingly involved and it almost seems a bit unfair for Shizuka not to get the part. I hope that the existing voice actress for the role of Catherine drops out so our newbie redhead will get a chance to work on Aerial Girls with the rest of her friends. Seems likely in an anime scenario but the series is aiming for realism so you never know.

Lots more coming from the show soon =D

– Cloudy

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