Absolute Duo Episode 2 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

The co-ed duo is the talk of the school right now… Julie’s European tendencies don’t make this any better. Her diction needs to be less suggestive LOL but her Japanese is decent nonetheless.

The rundown…

Absolute Duo Episode 2 (7)People who are able to use the power of Lukifer within them and summon Blaze, a sword or weapon of sorts. I feel like Bunny-chan-sensei doesn’t make these lessons any better, I can’t take this school set-up seriously. As an Exceed, you can level up your power in the Rite of Sublimation at the end of the term. To become a truly outstanding fighter you must be mentally and physically strong to level up or you get expelled LOL as if the life and death battle upon school entrance wasn’t difficult enough.

Absolute Duo Episode 2 (12)The fanservice is going pretty overboard even in the second episode, from Bunny-chan-sensei to crotch in the face and the gym uniform pantie snapping. I swear, ever single girl’s proportions in this school (except Julie, the cute loli), has a HUGE chest. Tachibana versus Julie is a pretty interesting twist for combat sparring in class, though nothing substantial actually happens to demonstrate how fighting styles work in this show. Guess the combat isn’t entirely exciting without the Blaze.


Absolute Duo Episode 2 (15)After that crazy fast-paced opening, I really didn’t expect episode two to be so IDLE. They even gave us a MONTAGE of the everyday school events in the week because everyone expects to be paired with someone totally different. Not sure how I feel about the repeated cherry blossom scenes between Thor and Julie. While it seems nice that they’re generating more personal moments between the two characters, it’s only been TWO EPISODES for the viewers and we really didn’t get a sense of how long these two have been interacting.

Absolute Duo Episode 2 (25)Wow, mad props Tora-kun who actually let Thor go back to Julie after deciding to be a pair together. And of course, Julie is standing dramatically at the top of the clock-tower for no real reason to see Gimle so Thor has to trek all the way up the stairs to find her. He resolves to be partners with her and hopes she’ll learn to lean on him. Wow, one week and he’s grown quite attached to the Loli. The exchange is too cute, Julie is so shy and awkward around Thor… it almost seems like Thor is asking Julie to marry him but then again, the Duo system is quite official cause there’s an entire pledge behind it. It’s actually quite romantic once u get to the end of the exchange… cept when Julie decides she wants to sleep with Thor because he reminds her of her father LOL Such a weird partnership.

The duos go to their first mock battle next week… the action should get good then.

Absolute Duo Episode 2 (29)

– Cloudy

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