Absolute Duo Episode 3 Review

We return to Absolute Duo this week finally where the students are placed in their very first combat battle, a campus-wide free for all between Duos. The episode beginswith the preparations and each pair’s training. I wonder when Thor will start getting used to his foreign partner and actually snuggle up cozy with her haha.

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Tachibana and Hotaka are also training hard. While Tachibana is a skilled martial arts fighter, Hotaka really doesn’t seem to know how to fight at all. In fact she seems too flustered in combat and isn’t quite strong enough to lift her Blaze weapon which surprises me. I know Tachibana picked Hotaka because they’re good friends but I really think she could have been in a deadly duo if she’d chosen someone much more levelheaded in battle. The harem-styled interactions start up with Thor and Hotaka when Thor piggy-backs her to the infirmary after she’s collapsed from training.

More flashbacks of Thor’s nightmarish past which lends reasons to why his soul and Blaze are so intent on protecting…

Really, I had no doubt that Julie and Thor would be the strongest of the bunch because they have a really strong offense-defense (almost) fail-safe battle formation. I’m surprised how many tactics the other groups use to get the upper-hand, it’s unfortunate if they bump into Julie and Thor early… it’s just a bit demoralizing because of how skilled Julie and Thor are in battle.

Bunny-sensei decides to go off on the deep end with her insane random attack on the students. She takes down Tora’s group and proceeds to fight Thor and Julie who happen to be in the vicinity. We do however find out that Blaze CAN KILL if the intent is strong enough. Wow, Bunny-sensei is a serious sadist. When a Blaze is destroyed, the impact of it is strong enough to knock out someone for an entire day… I am impressed with Julie and Thor’s teamwork amidst the chaos, especially when Bunny-sensei has them beat in strength, speed, skill and experience. Thank goodness for Thor’s wild punch. LOL why are the cute-crazy ones always voiced by Yukari Tamura? XD

In regards to the show in general, Bunny-sensei’s wild rampage is definitely something that hints at the key flaws in this Duo system or at least one of the big problems in the Duo combat world… Thor’s nightmares continue as the school year progresses and in the interest of having Thor share his past, Julie reveals to him a huge scar down her back from someone. She claims to be an avenger like him.Absolute Duo Episode 3 (29)

– Cloudy

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