Death Parade Episode 2 Review

Death Parade Episode 2 (1)Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I really enjoyed the second episode of Death Parade. Since there was SO MUCH in episode 1 to actually absorb, ponder and digest, episode 2 was a great way to really settle us into the inner-workings of Quindecim. The Quindecim place doesn’t seem like such a horrid purgatory when you get to see things happen from their point of view. Death Parade Episode 2 (4)It begins with Nona and The Dark-Haired Woman’s perspective. They are both watching the game unfold between Takashi and Machiko. It seems like Nona is in charge of everything at this joint even though she doesn’t flaunt it like that. The entire world set-up is strange, that’s for sure. It jumps from the garden-like setting where Kurokami awakes, to the elevator and then Quindecim’s bar. WHAT DO THE OTHER FLOORS CONTAIN??? I’m SOOO curious.

It’s interesting to see the game unfold from a neutral perspective. Whereas Nona and Decim are used to it, while the players of the game are in complete emotional turmoil, Kurokami can observe everything with fresh eyes, very much like how any new spectator would view it.Death Parade Episode 2 (7) However, since Kurokami isn’t quite human I suppose and not yet one of the strange beings that hang around Quindecim, she seems detached from everything, floating amidst this new set-up.

It’s nice to know the bodies in the back where just DOLLS. Wow Decim, you need a new hobby.

The game goes by much quicker but with Nona’s commentary, we’re give better insight on the mental and emotional games the deceased are put through. In the end, Kurokami claims that it seemed like Machiko lied about her baby not being Takashi’s in order to absolve him from a bit of guilt that came with the fact that he killed his own child. Death Parade Episode 2 (19)Of course we can’t know if ANY of this is true but it was definitely HINTED AT, strong enough for Decim to almost ask Nona for a re-do, in which she FIRMLY urges him to stand strong. Re-watching the ordeal from yet another perspective allowed us question the technicalities and flaws of the game… Seems like Kurokami’s gut feeling could be pretty spot-on and she’s definitely more emotionally intuitive than Decim. Still, with all of Kurokami’s enthusiasm about them living a happy life, Nona asserts that Takashi was a distrustful man by nature and that the couple would never have lived simply happily-ever-after.

This series continues to intrigue me.

– Cloudy

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