Assassination Classroom Episode 1 Impressions

Assassination Classroom PosterRating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Wow, CRAZY GOOD opening to this series, starting out with a darkly-comedic atmosphere classroom setting where the students are killers and the students are assassins, or, you know, assassins in training…

“No shooting in the classroom unless you’re trying to kill me.”

The show is set-up almost facetiously, with talks of death in completely nonchalant terms. Nagisa (who looks like a girl but is really a boy) narrates the changes that happened to push the world to this strange state. First, he begins with the fact that the moon exploded into a crescent moon. Second it was a weird alien creature who cause the explosion. Now, this alien creature is Class E’s teacher. Sensei claims to blow up the earth in the next year UNLESS the students in the class can kill the teacher-creature-alien. I feel like sensei is so badass that he’s completely okay being monitored and attempted to be killed every day of his life. It HAS been demonstrated that the weapons given to the students have the ability to harm the alien, the alien can just regenerate, move at crazy amounts of speeds is super strong… TOO OP MAN.

Assassination Classroom Episode 1 (4)OMG what is with this hilarious comedic and inappropriate premise. The heroes know what’s going on. The bad guy knows what’s going on. The government knows what’s going on and yet we engage in this ridiculous high school setting. He seems like a pretty good teacher though LOL Unfortunately the students themselves are Class E AKA the End Class who just aren’t good enough in the regular curriculum.

I highly recommend this show for anyone looking for some uniquely dark comedy with a little bit of personal introspection. Nagisa seems the worst of Class E who sees himself as weak and powerless against the almighty alien-sensei and gets caught up in a suicide bomber attempt to kill sensei. After all the introductory bits, random assassination attacks and climactic suicide explosion, some flashback of the alien-monster gave us a bit of incentive as to why this weird creature would possibly decide to be a teacher.

Assassination Classroom Episode 1 (19)All in all, what an intriguing first episode. So many contradictory sentiments but the storytelling was presented engaging and fast-paced. Perhaps we will start to see more human side of sensei as the story progresses. Nagisa, despite his resolve to kill sensei, seems to be fond of his almighty alien educator.

For those looking for something completely alternative in the comedy and super natural genre, Assassination Classroom seems like a cool one to check out.

– Cloudy

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