Assassination Classroom Episode 2 Review

“Taking care of you kids is seriously more important than the end of the world.”

Assassination Classroom Episode 2 (1)

Assassination Classroom is doing a great job of balancing the harshest assassination elements with the comedic highlights of the every day classroom setting. Someone, having the collective attempt to kill their Koro-sensei actually encourages positivity and proactive activity from the students. Class E is is definitely weird.

Assassination Classroom Episode 2 (13)I feel like the show is trying to state something about the issues that students and young adults face in the education system. That the school delinquents and undesirables who have been isolated away from the so-called “up-and-coming” bunch are more resourceful and living happier school days than the ones actually taking regular classes. I mean, who wouldn’t want a giant yellow alien monster to be their high school teacher? Sure keeps things exciting day by day.

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

This series really has me interested not only from how utterly hilarious the gags are, but also how flamboyant Koro-sensei is. Jun Fukuyama does an absolutely FAN-TAS-TIC job bringing out the happy-go-lucky and creepy but positively eccentric personality of Koro-sensei. Assassination Classroom Episode 2 (21)Koro-sensei even goes so far as to attend a game in New York to check out how the baseball players pitch in order to encourage one of his students in baseball. I guess Class E is an entire class of misfits which is why they seem to fare so well with Koro-sensei.


I also REALLY want to hear about Koro-sensei’s back story. Dayum, it must be something beautifully tragic to move this alien to take up TEACHING before he destroys the earth.

Assassination Classroom Episode 2 (22)One moment he’s peeved that the class attempted a suicide attempt, another moment he’s helping re-plant tulips that he’s accidentally uprooted amidst showing off in assassination fights =.=” Oh this show is getting more excited even by the second episode a physical education instructor will be sent to Class E as well as another new assassin student. Sometimes I really can’t take this series seriously when they try to get serious about the earth blowing up LOL

– Cloudy

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