Death Parade Episode 3 Review

“Each and every life spins its own tale, completely separate, yet they become so intricately entwined in each other and no one knows how they will end up. – Quindecim

Wow I am REALLY INTRIGUED with the friendly spin in the second game presented in the series. I imagined everyone to apprehensive of the stranger bleach-white haired bartender and the random goth girl flanking him behind the counter but both the players in this Quindecim game are having so much fun together. There must be a somethin’ somethin’ between them…

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Kurokami feels bad for the two young adults who seem to be flirting happily with each over a fun game of bowling… oh if only the bad memories didn’t come back…

Death Parade Episode 3 (16)This time, the pulse and temperature of the ball is linked to the opponent’s heart. Chisato, the girl, is bowling with Shigeru’s heart while Shigeru, the boy, is bowling with Chisato’s heart. As the memories come back, so too will the conflict arise. I feel so bad for Kurokami who is totally out of the loop… but then again, Quindecim is willing to let her in on the secret between the two players halfway through the game. AHH the suspense before the judgement was just KILLING ME cause of how the secret is so key to this couple.

Shigeru ends up being the first to remember the horrific bus accident and his death on the bus… Chisato also ends up remembering that she’s not ACTUALLY Chisato, Death Parade Episode 3 (22)but Mai, the girl who was always in love with Shigeru as a kid even though he never noticed her. Due to her insecurity with her looks she got plastic surgery after high school. It was rather beautiful that while Shigeru knew the girl was Mai and Mai knew she wasn’t Chisato, that they both finally found their own kind of happy ending even in death. It’s romantic in a tragic sense I suppose… and I am relieved to see that Death Parade isn’t just about exposing the worst sides of human nature, but also highlighting the bright points in people’s lives and how the most unlikely people can somehow find their way back to each other even in death.

Death Parade Episode 3 (19)I also rather enjoy Kurokami and Quindecim’s little bouts of comedy and life and death musings before, during and after the game. It’s a little piece of philosophy for the viewers to ponder over without forcing the audience to delve too deeply into the semantics of the game. All in all, I quite look forward to Death Parade on a weekly basis and I highly encourage any anime fan in any genre to check this series out.

– Cloudy

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