The Rolling Girls Episodes 2 & 3 Review

Episode 2 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The Rolling Girls Episode 2 (10)OMG SO MUCH EPIC ACTION in the second episode of episode two of Rolling Girls. Maa-chan’s gang members end up being taken hostage and Ma-chan is forced to make the decision to reveal her true identity as Maacha Green or watch her members plummet to their doom from the roller coaster.

Shigyo and Ma-chan’s battle gets pretty intense and its hinted at how the “Bests” actually fight in combat. Their powers seem to derive from some sort of jewel or pendent (moonlight stones) that each of them wear. At first it seems like Shigyo has been beat by Maacha Green but they go at it again shortly after.

The Rolling Girls Episode 2 (11)While I immensely enjoy the animation of the series, the storytelling aspect is fairly weak because we don’t get that many explanations to the gang and social set-up of the world especially between the local rival gangs. At the moment though it doesn’t seem like Nozomi is really the protagonist so much as a random girl that was caught up in the Bests’ fights. Wayyyyy too much chaos to follow at the beginning of the show…

When Maa-chan ends up hospitalized after the fight, Nozomi wants to take up the letters that Maacha Green’s been receiving in order to help people from other nations. With a bit of help from her father, Nozomi finally gets to take her bike out to the world… but not without picking up a few friends along for the ride ;D

The Rolling Girls Episode 2 (23)

Episode 3 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

I feel like I have to expend so much more brainpower trying to understand the scattered narratives and slice of life scenes that Rolling Girls presents to us every week. To break it down without all the fancy jargon… there’s a lot of political instability, rampant crime and troublemakers so groups of knights and mini factions emerge in order to keep the peace. This opening narrative is actually detached from our characters’ personal lives and really only serves to set the overall scene in broad strokes. Nozomi and her friends are still going around to offer local aid whenever they can.

Rolling Girls Episode 3 (19)With a bit of prodding from Chiaya, one of the new girls in the group, they decide to collect the stones from the sky. There’s quite a bit of mystery from these moonlight stones and I suppose the power relationships in this world in different territories will be tipped depending on who gets their hands on these shiny rocks. Wow, the girls in this world are just way too cool. Their character designs and personalities cover a wide range of character types without seeming too visually stereotyped or two-dimensional. The dialogue is quite casual and easy to follow, it flows naturally which is what you need in slice of life shows so driven by its characters. Other than the main characters, even the supporting characters are SO PRETTY.

Rolling Girls Episode 3 (26)The larger story has shifted to the conflict between the Comima city and the Dynamite Bombers gang with a girl named Thunderoad of the Comima city which has recently misplaced/lost/has her moonlight stone stolen. I have to admit that the writers could have taken the magic powers route with the stones but the way they play down the length of time invested in combat keeps the story strictly focused on the more mundane events around the characters. It is almost predictable that Nozomi and her friends were going to be the ones accidentally mistaken for Dynamite Bombers because Chiaya holds one of the moonlight stones (all of them look identical after all).

Rolling Girls Episode 3 (27)Overall I think Rolling Girls definitely has enough intrigue to continue for the season. If anything I’m just curious to see Studio Wit bring its original storytelling to the screen because its animation style is definitely on par this season. Let me know what you guys of Rolling Girls thus far either on Twitter @CuriousCloudy or in the comments below ^^/

– Cloudy

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