Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 15 Review

Episode fifteen starts out surprisingly nostalgic with Tsubaki and Kousei. Despite all the emotional turmoil in last week’s episode, the opening scenes warn us that all the drama with Tsubaki isn’t quite over yet…

Rating: 4.2 painfully emotional clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 15 (16)I mean, it’s hard for Tsubaki. While I don’t like the fact that she’s being really selfish about being negative about Kousei’s decision to go abroad and study music, it’s hard to fault her because her emotional stability and maturity has been centered on Kousei for so long. Now that Kousei’s leaving, her entire world is shifting. Music is taking him away again yet music is almost something that Kousei loves above all else. I really find myself wondering what I’d do in Tsubaki’s position because she’s trapped in all these uncertainties and feels completely unable to move forward from her current position nor fall back.

The way that Kousei is so comfortable with Tsubaki is so platonic that this makes the entire situation even more painful overall. Everything has to change, everyone has to move on, things can never stay the same. Being fourteen, our teenage characters are placed at the pinnacle of change and growth in their lives whether that’s personal growth or social growth. The dialogue does a great overall job of framing Tsubaki’s story within the subplot of the story both to get into our characters’ inner narratives as well as flush out those themes with spoken dialogue.

“Now I’m searching for reason to see you and not to see you…” – Kousei

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 15 (19)Another lovely new character is introduced along the bad omens comes a new chibi named Nagi Aisato who literally falls from the tree (well, after throwing Kousei into a bunch of tricks). She becomes a pretty amusing and interesting character in the show overall though she does get quite irritating at times. She also becomes Arima Kousei’s first student LOL

At the second attempt, Kousei finally musters up the courage to visit Kaori. “Coming and going… I’m always searching for an excuse…”

I feel SO BAD for Kousei because she he gets to the hospital, he hears Watari and Kaori talking in her room. OH ALL THE AWKWARDNESS FRIEND A!! The phone call between Kousei and Kaori has to be one of my favourite slice of life moments in this show thus far. Kousei runs through his feelings for Kaori, his bittersweet (sort of but not really) friend-zone feelings.

The episode ends on a pretty dark tone as Kaori is strolling down the hospital corridor, she collapses, realizing her legs are physically unable to support her… OMGDON’T DIE. PLEASE. I REALLY HOPE YOU DON’T DIE but things aren’t looking good.

– Cloudy

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