Shirobako Episode 15 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

It’s nice to see lots of new faces in Musashino Animation… especially the super bright and enthusiastic anime fan with the highlights. Absolutely adorable. New characters also mean that the MusaAni team needs to work out their group dynamics to incorporate new personalities into the team.

Shirobako Episode 15 (12)We also get a chance to approach the anime-making process from the get go, from scene-planning to location hunting and schedule arranging.

Mr. Director is quite enthusiastic about this new series. Vision is probably one of the most important aspects of the overall planning to keep everyone inspired and motivated. Of course, nothing would get done if it wasn’t for the “Desk” who keeps everyone focused on the time constraints and limitations of what can or can’t be done.

The Polar Bear and the Loli Doll are really helpful this episode; while I found the information dialogue dump slightly obvious in the overall scheme of things, the side mascot characters provide quite creative perspectives to the events in the series. It’s quite noticeable that the Polar Bear is a lot more patient and idealistic versus Loli who is realistic to the point of being cynical. Both dolls’ characteristics embody and reflect Miyamori’s inner perspective without allotting too much time to inner character monologue.

It seems that the new key animator Kunogi-san is even more quite and flustered than Ema-chan. Ema also has a real knack for translating the newbie’s flustered squeaks. I didn’t think anyone could be quieter than Ema but Shirobako really hit the nail on the head for demure quiet artists. It will be good for Ema to experience a bit more leadership as a senpai.

Tarou is also getting to be “senpai” among the new production assistants, Satou and Andou.

Shirobako Episode 15 (16)Overall it was quite clever to place Miyamori in a place that gives her access to the entire anime planning and brainstorming process, from art direction to character design, CG meetings, soundtrack processes and film meets. Work never stops in the anime world. The audience is constantly settled into the work rhythm and pace with Miyamori and the others that you can’t help but feel proud of them when you see them driven, productive and successful in their tasks even if they’re simple every day responsibilities… THE ONLY PROBLEM is when the author asks for retakes on the character design and EVERYTHING needs to start over that s**t hits the fan. DAYUM Shirobako has a real tendency to leave us on suspenseful cliffhangers…

– Cloudy

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