Shirobako Episode 16 Thoughts

I’m quite surprised that the Director has put so much time and energy into the art style and overall emotive aspects of the art style. It sucks that the author is being stubborn about the character designs but I am really impressed with Iguchi-san’s drawings and her perseverance in her new role. I’m also really impressed with Gothic Loli-san who is standing up to the Director and supervisors in order to give Iguchi-san more support with the art style.

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shirobako Episode 16 (22)Gothic Loli-san takes MIyamori, Iguchi and Ema to her own “Oasis” which is apparently a batting arena. Somehow Gothi Loli-san never ceases to amaze me with her diverse talents… seriously looks like it could come out of an anime hahahahah these few scenes with Gothic Loli-san were DEFINITELY a treat for the anime viewers. In addition, the comedy helps to liven the trudging pace of the production process

“Every creator is sensitive and easy to hurt, yet they relentlessly give criticism, judgment and more orders…” – Rinko Ogasawara

It seems that everyone in the creative industry has their own story to tell and their own struggles to share. Even Gothic Loli-san used her cosplay and personal style as an armour in order to boost her confidence in her line of work. Wow, I really wish I could go to work each day dressed in adorable Lolita styles…

Also, mad props to the Director and the other supervisor go drag that author’s stupid editor out of his “work” and get the production process going again. Short crisis from episode fifteen to sixteen but definitely a lot of panic within the team… I do wish we got to see the actual author though or have the author criticize his editor in front of the animation team for some comedic relief. With the fast pace that the production process moves at, there’s no time to delay and episode seventeen will surely bring us to the last stages of the planning very soon. I mean, they’ll have to get started on the actual hands on filing and editing soon.

Shirobako Episode 16 (23)

– Cloudy

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