Absolute Duo Episode 4 Review

This episode was just strangely paced. Really awkwardly paced… it tried to do too many things at once in too many settings and came off as pretty scattered.

The ecchi is seriously too in my face all the time. I swear there was more ecchi in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (AKA Haganai) but I’m not as bothered by the fan service because there is comedy BESIDES the fan service whereas Absolute Duo uses ecchi in order to draw comedic relief which just isn’t strong enough to carry the story through a fluid pace…

But of course, the story goes on.

Rating: 3/5 clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Absolute Duo Episode 4 (5)We return to Bunny-sensei’s class after the crazy ambush combat that took place in episode three. WHAT? This woman is STILL allowed to teach after all the violence… Yukari Tamura does a FANTASTIC job switching between adorable and psychopathic. BUT the headmistress loli ends up REHIRING bunny-sensei to INSPIRE the students to be STRONGER FIGHERS despite her being INSANE. The logic in this school… the aims to produce an Absolute Duo, the mediocre combat and awkward ecchi leaves the viewer with a definite clunky position in lieu of this weird mesh of elements.

ALSO as if everything above wasn’t enough to unnerve the viewer’s pace, episode four is TRANSFER STUDENT TIME!!!

Enter Lilith Bristol, a transfer student from England, with all the stereotypical British mannerisms, tea and fancy butler to go with her. She invites Thor to be her Duo partner as she is also happens to be a Blaze Exception since he’s an Irregular. She transferred ALLLL the way from the UK to have Thor as her partner and he’s all like “Sorry, my current partner is an adorable Loli. Thanks for the tea. Have a good day. Bye now.”

How straightforward for a harem anime set-up.

Absolute Duo Episode 4 (15)OMG why does Julie not wear pants for pyjamas =.=” it’s cold at night girl, put on some pants. As cute as Julie’s voice-acting is, I REALLY wish they put more expressions into her ACTUAL FACE. She has like two faces, battle serious and neutral. The subtle and often lack of emotive expressions make it hard for me as a viewer to actually connect to a character like her. Thor is more entertaining to watch if only for his outrageous reactions to Julie’s non-Asian-ness. What is with the Japanese obsession over foreigners? Everyone is so infatuated by Julie’s foreign beauty.

Dat ahoge doe.

Absolute Duo Episode 4 (19)The episode did gives us some fun with Julie at the mall and the montage of adorable dresses and outfits. Man I wish I was a Koryo student if it means getting INSANE amounts of cash on my student card hahaha. Gosh, embarrassed and flustered Thor is too cute. I ship Julie and Thor so hard… as if they weren’t canon already. But really, does Thor HAVE to appear to “save” the good girls from the creeper guys. Geez… as if this all didn’t escalate quick enough, Lilith appears and attacks the random guys with her Blaze LOL Hella cool, but also really random.

– Cloudy

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