Absolute Duo Episode 5 Review

I am tackling two Absolute Duo episodes in a row this week and episode five set the story back on track with the serious Blaze business. She’s an exception alright… and a slightly creepy one at that. While polishing her rifle she reviews pictures of Thor in battle… Wow.

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Initially I thought the show would take a more serious approach to all the Blaze plot material and rearrange events so that we’d get serious issues for a set chunk of time and then have a set break for high school and comedic relief. The series however does keep us on our toes with the alternating Blaze story material and the slice of life scenes. Whether or not that’s conducive to the series as a whole has still yet to be seen.

Absolute Duo Episode 5 (7)Our characters HAVE levelled up by this near mid-series point and their physical abilities have definitely been boosted. However, poor Julie doesn’t know how to swim… she nearly drowns and yet her hair is still intact. Aww, the cutesy Loli has one sports flaw; that’s actually quite endearing.

I’d imagine thee would be a lot of competition between the classmates because the Duo system is so challenging but aside from the whole “fight to the death with your soul” aspect of this system, all the other Exceed seem like regular every day kids… well, then there’s Lilith who has an entire garden, gazebo and butler to herself… LOL. Thor are you SURE you don’t want to partner up with this ojou-sama?

Sorry. Lilith loses major points for ojou-coolness after her freak out over Deathnewland. The rollercoaster volcano animation was horrendous. Like actually.

While I enjoy the small scenes of Blaze-storytelling and the usual Julie x Thor moments, I find that Absolute Duo really doesn’t know what it wants to do with itself. Right now it leans more for romantic comedy and uses the fantasy-action setting as a backdrop to provide “hook” scenes that keep you latched onto the show but really disappoint when you get into the episode and the semantics of the character interactions. It fails to deliver much of its potential in the action and fantasy aspect opting for random ecchi scenes and try-hardy emotional moments… especially with Lilith regarding the latter.Absolute Duo Episode 5 (17) I mean seriously, she has JUST met Thor and barely spoken two words with him… and then takes him on a Disneyland Deathnewland date to duo-propose to him. There’ can’t only be ONE irregular in this entire world of Exceed. Seriously girl, just pick another guy. You don’t have to slap him in the face. Dayum Ojou.

Also, Miyabi, you really gotta give up on Thor. He’s WAY TOO infatuated with his German Loli. Just let it go hun. On the other hand, can I ship Tachibana and Miyabi? They’re a really cute duo and get along fabulously.

Absolute Duo Episode 5 (30)After some awkward character x character fumbling this episode, Bunny-sensei announces that the newbies are going to fight the second-year students in an interclass battle… um, hasn’t it been like a month since they started classes? It is NOT a coincidence that the arena is clearly modelled after the Colosseum where actual death-matches took place between gladiator warrior-slaves. Thanks for the help Bunny-sensei.

Gotta give it to Lilith though. While her character is vastly inconsistent up till now… SHE. HAS. BALLS. (more than Thor or Tora anyway) And strolls into the arena with the decision to take on ALL the second years as the first year representative for her class. Though the initial combat plans have been dismissed, Headmistress Loli overseeing this seems happy with the first year full-on fight proposed by Lilith between Lilith and EVERYONE ELSE. I’m excited to see this rifle girl in battle against Julie now. Bring on the Blaze action and all its awkward blurry animation scenes.

Absolute Duo Episode 5 (23)

– Cloudy

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