Death Parade Episode 4 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode four of Death Parade seriously speeds up the entire game process by quickly skipping over the introductions in order to get to the bulk of the fighting. This time we’re getting a single-mother reality actress paired with an awkward otaku… The roulette suggests an arcade game and the two get to work in an old-styled vintage arcade fighting game.

Death Parade Episode 4 (15)Decim strives to create “extreme conditions” between the players, confident in his methods, while the players, reconvening in the ladies’ restroom become extremely suspicious of the entire set-up. Decim assures the players that there are absolutely no hidden cameras but of course, the arbitrator is unable to answer the players’ questions until the game is over…

Once again, Decim’s creepy corpse collection is totally freaking out the players. The actress in particular starts to lose it when memories of her abusive relationship and difficult family slowly return to her. Throughout the game, the otaku also seems to recollect some memories from his poor family past. Just as things start to intensify, the actress starts physically beating up the other player in order to “win” the game. Death Parade Episode 4 (19)DAYUM, Kurokami is right when she says that this is literally dragging the darkness out of people but from Decim’s point of view, he DOES need to push the human condition to the farthest it’ll go to urge out the extremes in people’s personalities and make an honest judgment after all the emotions have been laid bare. Decim’s flaw as an arbitrator emerges here; sticking to the rules constantly, disregarding his players completely, create the conditions conducive to pretty negative results…

I am fairly surprised at the emotions that they pushed into the conflict between both players. At certain times it’s pretty hard to pick a side and by the end of the game, the final outcome is a draw. The actress was strangled to death by her manager while the otaku committed suicide from his house. Dayum. That’s just… harsh.

Death Parade Episode 4 (16)Unlike the last healing episode, we return to Quindecim with another heaven and hell ruling. The actress finally brings up the issues of arbitrator and judgement. Not knowing the person, simply judging from the game, who gives those people the right? There is so much darkness in the human soul yet there is still so much goodness and it’s just REALLY HARD to judge in those last moments before death. Here, both players have so much regrets in their lives, how will Quindecim rule this match? The otaku is sent to reincarnate while the actress is sent to hell… how does that balance out?

After the credits, Quindecim seems almost pensive regarding the little remote… perhaps he’s questioning his role as arbitrator?

– Cloudy

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