Shirobako Episode 17 Thoughts

I’ve decided to approach this week’s episode quite casually. The episode definitely jumps around quite a bit with Miyamori’s trainees, the key animators, the planning processes and the other parts of the animation process. Luckily all the bits and scenes are brought together with the completion of the PV in its Shirobako (white box)

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

While Miyamori is determined and outgoing, her colleague Daisuke Hiraoka seems to be her foil in that he’s an experienced member of the industry who just doesn’t put that much heart into the series. His passive attitude is really starting to get on my nerves and the PV is due in two weeks. I wonder if he’ll end up clashing even more with Miyamori in subsequent episodes.

Also, unfortunately, Miyamori’s trainees are just not as quick-witted and silver-tongued as her. Leaving Andou and Satou just a little bit frustrated with their new jobs when they run into bumps in their work tasks.

Oh Ema is too adorable with her cutesy key animator kouhai, Kunogi-tan. Kunogi is so awkward and jumpy that Ema is the only one that can even understand her LOL the exchange is actually quite cute OMG.

I’m quite impressed with how much animation detail they put in the anime scenes WITHIN the anime itself. I mean, I know that P.A. Works’ own animation reputation is on the line when they animate an anime about animation cause the irony would be oh too sweet if the animation quality was low but I was really surprised at how unique the characters came off, it makes me want to see a full version of Third Girls Aerial Squad (as well as Exodus from the earlier on in the series).

Random Other Thoughts:

Ema is becoming a more increasingly confident and resilient character…

Shirobako Episode 17 (27)As the anime score is being rehearsed, Director-san is definitely taking his passion to new levels… lol.

Shirobako Episode 17 (15)Mii-chan is probably my second favourite after Miyamori cause she’s got so much spunk.

Zuka on the other hand is giving it her best as a newbie seiyuu while keeping up that positive attitude.Shirobako Episode 17 (22)

– Cloudy

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