Out of the Box- UtaPri 2000% Kotobukiya Cell Phone Straps Box Set

Out of the Box UtaPri Cell Phone Straps Box Set (17)dHey guys how are you all? It’s really been a while since we’ve done an Out of the Box feature but I’m back today with a treat for otome fans of Uta no Prince-sama. AmiAmi had a pretty great discount on this box set which is why I jumped at the chance to nab these cell phone straps.

There are twelve pieces in total, including all seven members of STARISH, their lovely composer- Nanami Haruka and the four senpai-mentors from later games (and the second season). Each character is actually designed with a pretty unique and dynamic pose unlike other Kotobukiya box-sets that simply show the character’s casual stance. As well, this set includes a strap of the main heroine of the game (and show) which some sets don’t include.

The entire set is given coherency with the turquoise outline fill-ins while the characters themselves also follow their own design scheme. The STARISH members are all wearing their matching 2000% stage outfits while the Quartet Night members are wearing their matching casual outfits as well. Nanami herself is wearing a simply white dress that neutralizes the contrast between the turquoise outline and her bright vermillion hair colour. While some fans aren’t a huge fan of the turquoise backing because of the heavy contrast schemes, I found that I didn’t mind the clashing colours in characters such as Otoya and Ren.

Here are some close up pictures of the merch or if you’d like to see the entire unboxing itself, check out the video below. Thank you guys for reading and watching, I hope you all enjoyed this feature =)

– Cloudy

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