Shirobako Episode 18 Recap & Thoughts

There is actually so much chaos in Shirobako episode 18… but when I say chaos, I mean a coherently organized narrative of plot chaos which becomes a fantastic way to toss up the consistent fast-paced story that’s been carefully scheduled thus far. Episode 18 as a result becomes a fairly strong episode that highlights the peak of conflicts in different branches of the animation production process.

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shirobako Episode 18 (8)Miyamori runs around quite a bit this week. As desk, she’s in charge of acting as liaison between Musashino Animation and their partners like the seiyuu cast, the animation/art directors and the overall management of the episode-by-episode development. If anything, this episode has showcased just exactly how diverse Miyamori is in the industry and how meticulously organized one has to be at production desk.

My favourite part of the episode was the beginning when we got to see the different members of sound production/management work with the newbie seiyuu…

Shirobako Episode 18 (13)Miyamori also seeks out Ookura Masahiro to help Musashino Animation with one particular landscape scene – the ruins. Unfortunately or fortunately for Miyamori, Ookura is an alcoholic with an attitude and it takes quite a bit of persuading and name-dropping to persuade the stubborn art veteran to agree.

Hiraoka-kun continues to slack off in Musashino Animation… I have no doubt that that piece of conflict will blow up soon.

Shirobako Episode 18 (11)Ema and Kunogi’s lovely animation artist friendship continues to blossom with cutesy squealing and quiet encouragement.

The partnering company is delaying key animation frames and when they’re finally delivered, they’re actually drawn wrong with incorrectly inserted dialogue and a whole bunch of other problems.

Overall though, big props to Miyamori for keeping her cool in the midst of all this animation madness cause many of the workers in the industry can be pretty fierce and standoffish. Thank goodness we have the polar bear and the gothic doll to showcase some of Miyamori’s inner thoughts because she LITERALLY has no time for self-introspection when her job is so demanding and the plot is so fast-paced.

Our favourite twintails episode director finally returns to save the day just before Miyamori hits her breaking point. Yano-san to the rescue!!

– Cloudy

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