Death Parade Episode 6 Review

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How curious, this week’s episode of Death Parade takes us out of Decim’s bar and into a whole other kind of judgment game that starts with an overly enthusiastic fangirl named Mayu Arita and a celebrity named Harada… I have to admit though, this episode definitely takes a more comedic look at the interactions between players.

Death Parade Episode 6 (14)Ginti is definitely a much more sadistic arbitrator than Decim.

The game ends up being an extremely emotional game of Twister with a somewhat strange progression of events and ending. I could not take the ending of the episode seriously but I’m guessing both players will be reincarnated due to their stellar performances haha.

The story goes that Mayu died from a freak accident when she slipped on a bar of soap in her bathroom after a C.H.A. idol concert. Harada on the other hand ended up being sent a bomb by the sister of his former lover, Kana, who committed suicide after her break up with Harada. Death Parade Episode 6 (20)Ginti clearly has no sympathy for either of the players, very much unlike the stone-faced Decim and the emotional Kurokami no Onna. Ginti is so sassy, he’s just great. Also, I really could not take Mayu seriously, but SHE IS HILARIOUS and I thoroughly enjoyed all her fangirling moments hahaha Ginti does get to the point quite quickly, using death as a threat against the players. Mayu’s willingness to sacrifice her life so that Harada can continue being an idol to inspire other, is quite telling of just how immersive and personal the idol culture makes itself out to be when it comes to its fandom culture.

I literally recognized Harada’s voice actor immediately after he spoke. After all, Mamoru Miyano’s voice is one of a kind. Death Parade Episode 6 (21)Plus you did need quite an expressive seiyuu to handle all the subtle conversation, screaming and emotional dialogue given to Harada.

If anything, I’m more interested in how all the arbitrators are chosen and where they come from. Ginti and Decim are SO DIFFERENT and all the other members of this system (like the green-haired elevator operator) are all so quirky and strange.

Overall, absolutely wonderful episode of Death Parade this week and SO unlike the others we’ve seen so far. It’s nice to see that the series itself has moments of lightheartedness as well.

I swear if I met my idol bias after dying… ITD BE A HAPPY DEATH INDEED. Mayu, girl, I can relate to your fandom freakouts…

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Death Parade Episode 6 Review

  1. I quite liked the episode too! If these two ended up with Decim and not Ginti, I don’t think the episode or the players would have shined as much. Decim wants to bring out their hidden desires, while Ginti just wants to screw with them. It’s so different, but works too.

    I think we’ll be seeing more of Mayu, since she appears in the OP more than once. Considering how she cared more about her urine soaked clothes than her actual death, I wonder if she’ll end up becoming Ginti’s assistant like how the black haired woman is for Decim.

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