Absolute Duo Episode 6 & 7 Review

Episode 6 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

This week’s episode of Absolute Duo encapsulates Lilith’s entire “Survival Dance” game. She easily takes out all the other students and I wonder if it’s even fair that they put such an OP character into the anime. Plus, you’d think there would be some way to disarm her or get close to her because a gun doesn’t offer much in the defense department of combat. The fact that she just strolls anywhere defenses open means her offense is so strong no one can even threaten her. Absolute Duo Episode 6 (6)After all, gunmen or snipers would probably want to skulk in darker shadows to use the element of surprise in their kill. Lilith on the other hand is clearly not your regular gunwoman.

Thor and Lilith decide that once they’ve duked it out in a full-on clash, they can then begin to be friends… to be honest though, Thor’s “hero” dialogue is starting to get to me. It doesn’t flow realistically enough with some of the scenes and comes off as borderline cheesy at other times.

The characters in Absolute Duo really fall short for me. I mean, you’d think Lilith is a lot more apprehensive to “friendship” and a lot deadlier, after all, she revels in the death game “party.” Other characters like Hotaka- especially Hotaka, annoy me so much. While Tachibana is useful as a leader-type character and a military strategist among the party of Exceeds, Hotaka is literally dead weight. Absolute Duo Episode 6 (8)She doesn’t have enough strength to maneuver her Blaze and most of the time she’s just falling over herself and others in clumsy fan service tears. You’d think that someone who survived the entrance exam would be much more capable in combat. Even Tora and his partner serve a more crucial role as characters to balance out this intensely biased harem situation.

Part of the reason why I didn’t feel the intensity from the combat scenes is because the animation seems utterly forced at certain times in the choreographed movements.

The episode ends in Lilith’s loss but then these random guys show up to take Lilith to some sort of equipment smith experiment project. In the end the team coes together to save Lilith and friendships are finally made in the hospital rooms.

Episode 7 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Absolute Duo treats fans to a relaxing episode on a cruise ship to a seaside summer camp for Exceeds. Julie is too cute in her seasickness… well, better she fall asleep in Thor’s lap than throw up everywhere due to seasickness. I’m a total Julie x Thor shipper so I can’t really sympathize with Hotaka fans. Also, Hotaka is just vastly physically unproportioned. I don’t have anything against girls with larger upper proportions (even if it’s for fan service purposes) but Hotaka literally looks like she’s about to snap at her waist. Seriously.

Did the ship just dump all its students into the ocean without any prior warning? Yes. Can Julie swim? That would be uh no.

Absolute Duo Episode 7 (3)All the swimsuit beach fan service in episode seven for all its lovely male fans.

Absolute Duo Episode 7 (4)Ten points for Tachibana’s ever-amazing patience with her insecure Duo partner…

Another ten points for Lilith’s amazing analytical ability and ten points for Julie saving Lilith from a flying dagger and her epic sword dance within the forest.

Koryo Academy’s branch school is introduced through a strategically placed surprise attack. It actually encompasses all the other students who didn’t make it into the main school. Weird way of training the students for sure… but when Thor goes to thank the Headmistress, she claims none of his gratitude because she’s doing all this to weed out the talentless and discover the “path” to Absolute Duo.

Seems like another piece of the plot line is taking a turn for the dark side with the new experiment called “Selection” … with no prior warning or hints at any sort of experimentation in this world, this all seems quite out of place but I suppose this is the “twist” before the series reaches its climax and resolution.

– Cloudy

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