Death Parade Episode 7 Review

This episode is a bit stranger than usual. It focuses less on players in the Life-Death Game and more on the mystery that is Kurokami no Onna and her link to the arbiters of the judgement process. For starters, Quindecim’s former master is introduced…

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

We’re given a flashback of Decim and Gimli’s arrival to the “Tower.” It’s revealed that each person in the Tower takes turns being the arbiter… and not everyone feels they’re the best choices to be arbiter. In this sort of scenario-tutorial-flashback we’re shown another kind of judgment game, this one, for billiards. Death Parade Episode 7 (10)I am incredibly curious as to why Nona has chosen the individuals she’s chosen. Decim is an intriguing one unlike the others, as he holds a high respect for people who have lived fulfilled lives unlike the other arbiters of the Tower who seem to hold themselves indifferent to the humans. The episode seems to lag a bit compared to previous ones but it seems like we’re getting more introspection in this mysterious tower and there seems to be a lot more that goes on in the tower than meets the eye, especially when it comes to the processes that goes on behind sorting the deceased.

Decim truly treasures the puppet recreation in his spare time… after judgment, the guest’s human bodies return to a puppet-like state. What Decim does is collect the bodies of those who he feels have lived fulfilled lives, and keeps them so that they won’t be lost. How meaningful, though arbiters are not supposed to be attached emotionally in any way.

Death Parade Episode 7 (11)Quin asks Nona why she devotes so much time to Decim and Nona replies that perhaps there is more than one way to judge… and she’d like to see an arbiter with emotions. She almost has a metaphysical-sort of reflection lying in her garden as she ponders her existence and the existence of arbiters, how those who have never died are tasked with judging the newly dead. If anything, this episode raises a whole new set of questions regarding the arbiters, the system and everyone’s true role in the world. Will Decim be the arbiter to hold emotions? Or will Kurokami be shifted into the bar as a new arbiter?

Castra is also an interesting character as she “operates” the system that determines which pair goes to which arbiter. So many intricacies in the system we never actually get to see…

Death Parade Episode 7 (19)

– Cloudy

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