Shirobako Episode 19 Thoughts

Shirobako Episode 19 (10)Rating: 4.2/5 happy clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Wow, it’s amazing how much more productive the Musashino team can be with Yano’s return. She calms down Miyamori and even has enough experience and hutzpah to goad Hiraoka passive ass into work. She heads to Titanic Productions to help with episode five. Seems like she has some sort of past with Hiraoka I love Yano’s calm and no-nonsense approach to work, it really helps in times of chaos… she even approaches one of the old episode directors to ask for their help.

Shirobako Episode 19 (21)Miyamori starts to doubt her own abilities as Production Desk, though everyone seems to think she’s got it under control. The President ends up taking Miyramori to Musashino Pictures. The President was one of the employees from the old company who started Musashino Animation after the old company went bankrupt. It’s great to see the series reflect a lot on the storytelling aspect of the animation industry in general. Are we really making meaningful shows when we come to so many troubles and difficulties?

“They all just kept doing what they wanted to do, no matter what. And then before we knew it, we were this age. That’s all.” – President Marukawa

Shirobako Episode 19 (15)Miyamori gets glimpses of how the old animation company use to run and wow, how the times have changed. For Miyamori as a fan, she gets to see the old cels of her favourite show, Andes Chucky.

Not only do we get to view a bit of the animation creation process in the past, it’s also quite endearing to see some of our present day characters interact in past settings. The walk down memory lane fit beautifully in context with the themes of the show and the overall narrative. The short period of time is enough to showcase a mix of sentiments relating to the artistic legacy of the anime industry and becomes both touching and humbling for anime fans to see how all the characters and the industry come full circle. One generation passes on their passions and skills to the next.

“You’re just pressing forward, and yet you have so many new encounters and after each one, you see a new world.” – Ookura

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Shirobako Episode 19 Thoughts

  1. Ah Shirobako, always making Thursday’s amazing. That scene where Miyamori is crying after watching Andes Chucky, I got felt hard with the feels there. Wasn’t expecting this anime to dish out some feels, but they surprised me this time. It’s also great to see Yano back again. They really needed her presence in the office.

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