Death Parade Episode 8 Review

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The beginning of episode 8 extends from the previous episode where Nona has done a little behind the scenes manipulating to bring two rather interesting individuals into Quindecim for judgment – one of which, is a murderer. At the start, both players only remember their intention to “go somewhere” but everything else is a blank. As always, Decim explains the situation and the necessity of the game.

Death Parade Episode 8 (7)While the players split up to find an exit, the seemingly harmless young man, Shimada happens to find a bloody knife with rags in his bag. It turns out that the other player is actually a detective. Once again I applaud the writers of Death Parade for bringing such unlikely characters to the judgment room. It’s quite curious to see how the Detective Tatsumi attempts to read and assess Decim’s better.

The game, ladies and gentleman, is air hockey. The first person to get to six points wins. The pucks however, are the catch since each of them have organs inscribed on them. Red pucks for Shimada. Blue pucks for Tatsumi. If you score using a puck of your own color, you earn double points, however, if your goal is scored on, you lose a point. At first, there are no visible effects that scoring the goal has, not until the points stalk to chalk up and their memories return in glimpses… and this game moves quite quickly.

Death Parade Episode 8 (6)This time, however, Kurokami asks Decim not to use the trick remote… and Decim claims the remote is actually broken. Kurokami claims that people are unpredictable as well, with a man who was a murderer, it’ll be difficult to judge. Decim, on the other hand, asserts that people are people and that they can and will be judged regardless. It’s also surprising to see the two players actually converse… unsurprisingly though the topic of murder surfaces as Tatsumi gives his thoughts on victims, liars and the like. Curiously enough, Tatsumi is actually interested enough in Decim as a subject to continue the game in order to “find out something” about him. The characters in this episode were actually quite human and realistic and their dialogue is definitely more engaging than with previous couples.

Since the shock of death is so strong, the memories come a lot slower than Decim would like despite the fast-paced rhythm of the game itself. Kurokami asks to see the memories as well (so she might throw her two cents in) but naturally Decim needs to get permission first.

Death Parade Episode 8 (18)Tatsumi ends up being a detective utterly consumed in his work… the question remains is, “how did he himself die?” Tatsumi’s change in attitudes completely changes his performance in the game. When another goal is scored, more of Shimada’s memories return. After he returns home to his brutalized sister, he changes.

The TWIST comes when Decim announces that “time” has run out – switching the game into sudden death name. Each area of the body is linked to the puck scored and pain will be attached to the player whose goal is scored upon. (Similar concept to what we saw in the very first darts match). Before the players continue, Detective Tatsumi asks Shimada what he’ll do after he finishes game. Shimada claims that he’s going to go do “something” about the assault on his sister. Revenge also happens to be Tatsumi’s goal because of his wife’s murder. In this scenario, who will be worthy of reincarnation and who will be sent into the void?

Death Parade Episode 8 (8)This is the first time we get a game that lasts longer than the single episode. I wonder how the plot will twist itself up and resolve by the end. Extra scenes which give us a bit more insight on the players, both of which are killers… How will Decim be able to make a proper judgment? Will Kurokami interfere? Does Nona have anything else up her sleeve? Memories from both players are also sent to Kurokami shortly. will this resolve? The suspense is killing me!

– Cloudy

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