Absolute Duo Episode 8 & 9 Review

Absolute Duo Episode 8 (2)

Episode 8 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

… It was a beach episode… and A LOT of ecchi scenes. It explores a bit of Miyabi’s feelings for Thor but when you see how attached Thor is to Julie… well, it doesn’t look so good for her.

And YES beyond the physical discomfort of watching bunny-sensei GROPE her students, that’s really all I have to say about the fan service in episode eight.

Girls, there are better guys out there than Kokonoe-kun.

Plot twist at the end though cause the Rebels appear and start gunning down students. Thanks for the lack of plot hints Absolute Duo. Doin’ really great there.

Episode 9 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

As random as the attack is, it does spurt our characters back into action. The Rebels are known as the god-destroying corps whom I assume whose mission statement is to weed out the research facilities at the main school. At least through bunny-sensei we can see the Blaze jump beyond the conventional levels and actually unleash its hidden power. If it weren’t for bunny-sensei the students would probably be dead now. After all, the Rebels are militarily trained individuals.

Absolute Duo Episode 9 (10)Seems like the two attacks were a sideshow and a precursor to capture the Blaze Diabolica… the Headmistress’s Blaze. Good thing Lilith is a hella good Blaze fighter. I do question Thor’s intentions to interfere with rebel operations and shady Blaze dealings. I mean, what students in the right mind would engage a target just out of the blue like that. I understand that they are trained in life-death combat situations but this is a bit much. Despite Lilith’s request, Thor and Julie are fighting the rebels who have developed a technology to counter the Exceeds. I also question the Duo’s decision to YELL OUT their battle attacks before actually attacking, way to give yourself away.

Absolute Duo Episode 9 (8)Julie’s dark level up mode is pretty insane though. Regular high school training is definitely not enough to hone that girl’s skills.

Then after the entire fight, the rebels are forced to retreat because the head office has “What they were looking for,” which again is left vague at episode nine despite there only being three episodes left in the series. Later it’s revealed that the rebels had set distractions among distractions to obtain SOMETHING and we don’t get any hint as to what it is they’re after.

OMG the phone still works after the entire island goes up in explosions WHAT?

Absolute Duo Episode 9 (9)In the after credits we see Julie and Thor strengthening their Duo bond in a beach shore heart to heart under the moon while Miyabi has been enticed by some sort of scientist who claims to be able to strengthen her. With all that seen I suppose Miyabi will be the one that ends up accidentally switching sides in an attempt to plot twist the story?

I really expected so much more from Absolute Duo this season. It started out with an immensely strong premise despite how basic and blunt the animation is at times. However, the story has opted to focus a lot on the harem and ecchi high school aspects rather than devote time to developing the political implications of the existence of Exceeds in this world. We don’t really get an idea of any of the underlying conflicts that might arise because of this strange power imbalance that the existence and use of Exceeds have spurred. At this point I’m really ready for the Winter anime season to finish so we can look forward to a whole new set of series in the upcoming spring season.

– Cloudy

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