Shirobako Episode 21 Review

Ah, there’s nothing like a donut to go with some anime…

Shirobako Episode 21 (1)

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shirobako continues to explore Miyamori’s own motivations within the animation industry, a question that’s been skimmed over through the duration of the series because it’s been put off for ACTUAL WORK and in many cases in the real world, people tend to brush aside their problems in similar ways.

Shirobako Episode 21 (7)We find out some background links between Hiraoka, Erika and the President of another company. I guess the networking starts way early in universities and colleges. It’s quite similar to Miyamori and her girl friends’ friendships white go all the way back to high school.

The midpoint of the episode showcases Aerial Girls’ first episode release which definitely uplifts the spirits of everyone at the company however, complaints still linger around the office concerning Hiraoka’s work attitudes. I really didn’t think Hiraoka’s issues would be such a big factor to the plotline because the other girls have been sidetracked in character development to focus on the interpersonal relationships between the co-workers at Musashino Animation and how Miyamori is at the middle of all this tension. I do admire Miyamori for being so upright, direct and still so polite with her complaints and requests.

Shirobako Episode 21 (15)“I came into this business with only the desire to make anime. I’m just wondering what I should in the future…” – Aoi Miyamori

In the last few episodes, the main sentiment flowing along the anime production process is how much its creators get caught up in the ride and how they end up staying for years on years. When you’re caught up in day to day schedules with barely enough time to sleep let alone reflect on life, what then is the meaning to your career goals?

Towards, the end of the episode I found it quite clever to have Miyamori meet up with former members of an animation company whose interview she failed years ago. The retrospection is too ironic and it makes me happy for Miyamori how accomplished she is at her current job.

Shirobako Episode 21 (20)Despite all the plot jumping we get from department to department within Musashino Animation, the show has still managed to garner enough emotional connection between Miyamori and the audience. I wish it would focus more on other female characters but since the second half of the show, Miyamori has really been at the centre of the animation process.

Having settled into the comfortably weekly rhythm of Shirobako, I really don’t want the series to end anytime soon but I do wonder how the series will conclude because of the languid slice of life flow of the plot…

– Cloudy

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