Shirobako Episode 22 Thoughts

Shirobako Episode 22 (18)

“I believe that talent, first and foremost, is the ability to take a chance and to be calm enough to learn from mistakes…” – Ema

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Shirobako Episode 22 (2)I actually really enjoyed how the series shifted over to focus on Ema, who is also progressing forward with her career in key animation. I’m really proud of her for taking brave steps forward even though she was modest and a bit unsure of herself.

Miyamori on the other hand, continuously finds herself caught in production snags because of the interpersonal relation problems between the members. Miyamori’s present problems really shed light on the difficulties of production Desk in keeping the entire anime running smoothly. Her attitude is so different from Hiraoks in his own flashbacks as Desk.

Interesting interlude with Hiraoka and Tarou’s drunk bonding… seems like Hiraoka really needs a goofball of a friend like Tarou to get through to him.

Shirobako Episode 22 (15)At first I was unsure with how the episode would wrap up because the progression of events felt awkwardly paced but all the snippets of scenes with each of the main characters conspired to inspire Ema to take the job as assistant animation supervisor. I think the key animation department is my favourite at MusAni.

Favourite moments of this episode- Ema and Misa working on Aria’s plane scene together. I found their interaction, teamwork and chemistry so refreshing.

Shirobako Episode 22 (22)Also, major props to little Ai for actually making a proper sentence in the key animation meeting with the Director and other supervisors. She’s also absolutely adorable when she gets jealous of Misa getting super close to Ema hahaha

Aside from everything mentioned previously, I’m quite curious as to how Shizuka’s character will change because we literally have two episodes left before the season wraps up. I do hope Shirobako will aim for future seasons because there is SO MUCH going on in the anime industry every day and so many stories to tell.

– Cloudy

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