Death Parade Episode 10 Review

One… Arbiters cannot quit making judgments, for that is their reason for existence

Two… Arbiters cannot experience death, for they would be brought too close to humans

Three… Arbiters cannot feel emotions, for they are dummies.

Death Parade Episode 10 (3)

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

I have been SO CAUGHT UP in all the judgments and the moral introspection that I have completely forgotten about the most important character of the show – Kurokami no Onna. Initially I thought she was just a side character to Decim’s main character status but I guess both of them are really integral parts of the show, especially when it comes to maintaining the status quo within the judgment system.

Death Parade Episode 10 (6)We see Kurokami begin to physically deteriorate because her time at Quindecim is slowly coming to an end. Dummies who were previously human cannot sustain an existence in the purgatory realm for too long. Her term is coming to an end and with that end comes Decim’s judgment of her… will Kurokami reincarnate or be sent into the void? Nona leaves this decision to Decim…

Since Kurokami’s background and memories have been kept secret in the series thus far, Decim plays a game with Kurokami and a new guest at the bar… an old lady illustrator who, I have to say, really gives us such a refreshing perspective on life and death. The game is old maid and as the card game unfolds, it actually progresses quite pleasantly. After all the gruesome life-death matches between problematic humans, from single mothers to murderers, to cheating wives and suicidal teenagers, the old woman’s appearance in the story was quite a comforting presence in the overall pace and mood of the series.

Death Parade Episode 10 (17)“Thank you. Our time has been like a dream…” – Sachiko

Also, details of the picture book Nona was reading– Chavot, are revealed. We learn that Chavot was a picture book that told the story of a little boy in love with a little girl who was deaf. Because he is unable to confess to her in words, the moral of the story is to remind its readers there are other ways beyond words to express affection and love. These sentiments resound strongly with Kurokami and trigger memories of her mother and her childhood. Most importantly, we find out that Kurokami’s real name is Chiyuki.

Meanwhile, Nona is compiling Chiyuki’s memory (jewels) and Oculus seems heavily disturbed that there is an arbiter questioning the judgment system and sympathizing with humans through his emotions. Death Parade Episode 10 (19)The episode leaves us on a bit of a cliff-hanger because Decim asks Kurokami to tell him everything… about herself? I wonder how this is all going to end and whether Decim’s judgment of Kurokami will pass the scrutiny of other arbiters, especially now that Decim’s decided to emotionally invest in his guests. Episode eleven will be intense.

– Cloudy

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