Absolute Duo Episode 10 and 11 Review

Absolute Duo Episode 11 (6)

OMG who thought of the names for the characters in this show? I can’t even-

Absolute Duo Episode 10 (3)Really Absolute Duo. I expected more from the conclusion of the series. But y’all decided to make use of the emotionally insecure busty girl for a romantic action cliché final. GAWD why does everyone fall for Thor? I really don’t see the appeal.

Episode 10 Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

The entirety of episode ten focuses on Miyabi’s disappearance and I for one am glad I watched episode ten and eleven all in one go because episode ten does leave us on quite a cliff-hanger.

Absolute Duo Episode 10 (7)The uber-powerful higher-up Duos are meeting with Little Miss Diabolica at the Academy which means the elite guard has been called up to provide security for the event. Strangely enough, all students who have level 3 Lukifers are also called into guard duty. The tension amps up and of course, an attack does break up between the rebels and the students. Rather straightforwardly, it is revealed that Doctor Equipment Smith has decided to combine the power of the Lukifers with technology in order to create stronger fighters to rebel against Miss Diabolica’s Academy.

Episode 11 Rating: 2.5/5 complacent cloudscrop_25-complacentcloudst

Absolute Duo Episode 11 (3)Really I wanted to rate both episode higher but I really didn’t appreciate how everything was so obviously laid out for the audience. Really, no surprises and no big twist. It was predictable that Miyabi would be the one to be easily persuaded by Equipment Smith (DIDN’T YOUR PARENTS TEACH YOU NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS GIRL) and for no other reason than because he’s the main character, Thor got an extra level up serum from Miss Diabolica. How has Lilith become the info dump girl for Thor and Julie? Why does Lilith know all these details to begin with?

The emotional climax between Miyabi and Tachibana was also quite irking. Considering the fact that it took like ten people to hold off Miyabi, I don’t think it was wise to just LEAVE Miyabi to a half-injured Tachibana. For a while I thought the main boss was going to be Miyabi but she ended up being sidelined for the main action with Thor, Julie and K. I have a feeling Miyabi could totally defeat K…

Absolute Duo Episode 11 (10)Also, I have huge questions about the political underpinnings of this entire system. I mean, the higher-up duos just sit around and watch the younger duos and rebels duke it out? And no one questions the fact that hundreds of students are being injured and killed for the sake of this so-called bet between a gothic loli doll and a deranged mad scientist? Details! I need details! And a hell of a lot more logic than the show is giving us.

If anything, I’m just glad that the series is ending next week because the entirety of the show’s development was just awkwardly paced and not well edited. Both plot and animation need a lot of work. The entire thing feels like a broadly constructed first draft of a show.

– Cloudy

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