Shirobako Episode 23 Thoughts

Shirobako Episode 23 (10)S**t hits the fan when the original author of Aerial Girls disapproves of the final episode’s storyboards. The entire production company is in an uproar considering the fact that the recording has been finished on the series. The worst part is that the author wants a BAD ending where his protagonist doesn’t even redeem herself by flying again. Aria ends up giving up the skies in an anticlimactic ending mess. Awks.

Rating: 4/5 clouds (for the epic cowboy showdown) Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

As a result of this mess, we end up getting a bit of introspection on the director’s role in the production company. Unfortunately, it mainly rests on him to come up with new storyboards for the ending of the series. Fortunately enough we get to see an epic showdown between Director Kinoshita and the creator of Aerial Girls. Pretty intense by Shirobako standards.


Shirobako Episode 23 (14)

Somehow the narration ends up drawing parallels in the theme of teamwork and determination between the production team and the Third Aerial Girls Squad. It’s quite a pensive and touching moment to see the Director empathize so much with the girls. The creator however, has a different interpretation on the characters and as clumsy and derpy as the Director is, he is fairly perceptive when it comes to understanding people. I’m quite impressed with how his character turned out overall.

The two end up finding a proper strategy to Aria’s character development. It’s also BRILLIANT how the series ties together the last of the girls in the series because Zuka-chan-senpai is FINALLY pulled into the anime world. She was SO CLOSE to getting Catherine’s part, I’m so happy that she ends up getting Catherine’s younger sister’s part.

They gave Zuka-chan the EXACT ending she needed and still kept to the grounded realism of the series. It seems like this part is the perfect part for Zuka-chan as well and I can’t help but be as moved as Miyamori in this scene as she was in the studio for one of her best friend’s very first voice acting roles. With this episode, ALL the Shirobako girls have succeeded in their goal to work on the same anime project together. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

– Cloudy

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