Shirobako Episode 24 Thoughts & Series Overview

I ended up missing the finale week of Shirobako because of my European travel plans however I’m so excited to be getting back to the last episode of the series because it has been one of those series that’s kept my spirits up despite the rather dull and long winter anime season.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Episode twenty-four of Shirobako showcases a final wrap up of the Aerial Girls series as well as a wrap up on all the characters. Despite all the complications along the way, it was quite satisfying to see the entire production come together for the finale of the anime within the anime and the anime itself (lol. It gets pretty hectic towards the end. Due to time constraints, a member of Musashino Animation ends up physically delivering a copy of the final episode to each of the stations.

Shirobako Episode 24 (18)I swear they over dramatize the anime industry WAY too much in this show but comedy is given where comedy is due to all is forgiven.

That epic call chase scene doe. ALL DAT DRIFTING OMG.

In the end, Miyamori ends up stuck in traffic and runs the rest of the way to the station in an epically charged climax. Somehow along the way she resolves to stay in the anime industry and when she arrives late at the Aerial Girls party, the Director suggests she make a toast. This moment I especially thought was very endearing of Miamori’s character. It definitely sheds insight on the anime industry as a whole and gives a very humbled present perspective on the legacy of animation.

Shirobako Episode 24 (6)Really there are SO many characters in Shirobako and this series could have gone horribly because of how many side characters and minor appearances it included however each of the departments was introduced so thoroughly and each snapshot of the production process so clearly outlined. I really feel like Shirobako is one of the most successful slice of life anime out there and in many ways it’s also a documentary anime in that it seeks to encapsulate and present a bit of the passionate, fast-paced, hectic and rewarding animation industry.

LOL for the TWO PIECE reference at the end hahaha.

Final Thoughts on the Series

I can’t express how happy I am that the series wrapped up with a final don-don-donuts line among the five main girls. I really hope there’s a season two of Shirobako because there’s so much more to tell within the industry. At the same time, I feel like everything in this series was concluded so neatly that I don’t want subsequent seasons to ruin it. I can definitely see a lovely OVA or mini movie with recurring characters and it’ll be a treat to see our characters aim for higher points in the anime industry.

Entire Series Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent(a must watch for anime fans!)

Shirobako Episode 24 (5)Personally I found the series immensely enjoyable as an anime fan who is vastly curious about the animation industry but I highly encourage all anime fans to check out this show. It’s easy to tune in weekly for new episodes but there’s such a disconnect between viewer and creators. Fans don’t really get a sense of how much work goes into animation and how many trials and tribulations take place behind the scenes of the epic shonen action or sparkly shojo roses.

Shirobako is a series that attempts to give viewers a glimpse into the industry. Really, just a glimpse. It’s realistic to the point of properly expressing the difficulties within the anime process but entertaining when it comes character dialogue and recurring gags. It asks serious question about careers and aspirations but grounds it all in a believable and patient flow of events.

Shirobako Episode 24 (31)It’s been a light and refreshing ride for twenty-four weeks and I’m really sad to see the show end but thank you guys so much for tuning in weekly to check out my little blog posts on the series. I hope you enjoyed the show and will recommend it to all your anime-friends and even friends who aren’t into anime just to give them a taste of anime culture.

Shirobako Episode 24 (32)

– Cloudy

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