Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 1 Impressions

Nisekoi Season 2 BRating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

UWAAA I am so excited to return to Nisekoi after an entire year of manga-reading and waiting. Not to mention, it’s also been a really long time since I’ve returned to a fun SHAFT-animated series. Big props to the animation company for releasing a pre-episode one recap and introductory and refresher episode for new and old fans respectively.

The big question regarding the locket, left at the end of season one, is quickly answered within the first few minutes of season two. Remember the locket that broke upon key insertion? Well, the key’s been removed and the locket reconstructed HOWEVER the locksmith claims that there’s something small wedged into the depths of the locket itself. MORE MYSTERY… and dragged on harem-romance. Can’t be helped though. Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 1 (15)Raku resolves to search for an alternate method to open the locket; only when push comes to shove will he make the decision to smash the locket and take it apart.

I was pretty surprised that the first episode opened so strictly on Chitoge’s perspective. Now that she’s realized she’s in love with Ichijo, she starts to notice subtle changes in her behaviour, her reactions and she’s even started to change her appearance in subtle ways.

Poor Chitoge though, her tsun side makes her overreact to the smallest things and she tries desperately (and aggressively) to get his attention. Unfortunately for her, she has no idea that guys are UTTERLY CLUELESS when it comes to noticing things like nails and hair. Chitoge emerges with her most drastic change when she swaps up her bow. Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 1 (22)While EVERYONE in the entire class notices, Raku is STILL as oblivious as ever to here. Seriously, is he faking stupidity or is he just harem-hero-level oblivious? LOLLL It reaches a point of painful unawareness when Chitoge flat out asks Raku if he’s noticed any changes in her… and he comments on her weight =.=””” Raku then ponders aloud her changes, though he hasn’t previously made it a fact to comment on her appearance (cause that would be flat out awkward and sleazy he claims). OMG cue the totally adorkable couple exchange. TEAM CHITOGE ALL THE WAY!

Major props to Nao Toyama for her spectacular voice acting as Chitoge this episode. She literally swapped moods and emotions fifty times in this episode, from Chitoge’s frustration to fury from tsun to dere. TOO CUTE.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 1 (26)Best moment: When Raku notices Chitoge’s changed her ribbon LOL Way to notice the tiny things but not the HUGE BOW STARING YOU IN THE FACE MAN.

Oh this episode was such a treat for Team Chitoge fans. While I enjoyed it, I thought they’d do a sample palette-type narrative in the pilot where we get mini snippets of Raku’s interactions with each of the girls rather than zeroing in on Chitoge’s perspective. Seeing as episode one has panned out in this fashion, the subsequent episodes should do the same with each of the other heroines. I for one am super excited to see the story continue and am eagerly awaiting the introduction of new characters as well. If you pay attention to the opening you’ll get a glimpse of the new girls 😉

Super fun opening to season two, can’t wait to see more of the series (and count all the head tilts LOL).

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 1 Impressions

  1. It’s great to have Nisekoi finally back again. I missed all those hilarious expressions too, so I’m glad they had some good ones in this ep.

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