Plastic Memories Episode 1 and 2 Impressions

Plastic Memories PosterRating: 4.2/5 curious clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Hey guys, I am absolute ecstatic today to be bringing you my first impressions of Plastic Memories. I don’t initially give such high ratings to a new show unless that show has a pre-existing fanbase, story and reason for such hype but I was really impressed with everything that Plastic Memories established in the first two weeks of the series.

The story takes place in a world where Giftia, near human androids, are created and utilized by people in different parts of society, from public workplaces to private family spaces. However, Giftia have about a nine year life span and after that life span is up, their memories start to distintegrate and their personalities break down. As a result, a special division of the Giftia’s original company, SA Corp, has been developed to take care of these end procedures. Plastic Memories Episode 1 (6)The Terminal Service are tasked with retrieving these Giftia. It’s in this division that we find our two main characters, a new employee named Tsukasa Mizugaki and a Giftia named Isla.

On first glance, Tsukasa seems like a really average off-the-block Joe who embodies all the mediocre characteristics of anime male protagonists however between his interactions with Isla you start to realize that he’s actually quite emotionally perceptive for someone who got into his line of work by word of mouth. Isla on the other hand initially comes off to viewers as a dandere who really doesn’t speak much (perhaps out of shyness? Or coolness?) It’s somewhat hinted at that Isla’s cool collectiveness is actually due to her sensitivity to the place and purpose of Giftias as well as her empathetic inclinations to Giftias who have reached the end of their term. Though Isla finds herself limited in so many ways as a Giftia, she can’t help but attempt to improve herself and by the second episode you really start rooting for the quiet but clumsy and lovable Giftia.

Plastic Memories Episode 1 (24)The most heartbreaking moments of this show are the ones where Giftia are being separated from their families. I actually teared up at the end of the first episode and I’m impressed that the series managed to build up so much emotional bulk even in the first thirty minutes of the series. Like seriously. What adds to these emotionally-charged moments is the stunning score soundtrack. We got a piece of it in the original PV but coupled with the actual narrative and flow of the show, really hits the viewer hard, right in the feels.

The gist of the introductory episodes of the series is that despite all the ways you’re getting attached to Isla, you know she also has an expiry date and no doubt, the series is going to bring some heartbreak your way at the conclusion of the season. Even if it’s not the main characters yet, supporting characters are given such amazing dialogue that it’s so emotionally jarring at the climax of the episode. Each and every Giftia is different so each and every story is different. For now though I’m so excited to see how the story is going to develop and I highly recommend you guys check out this series, at least for the first episode.

– Cloudy

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