Etotama Episode 1 Impressions

Etotama PosterWhat would you do if you new house contained a portal to the world of gods… Sometimes.

Rating: 2.5/5 complacent clouds crop_25-complacentcloudst

The story follows a girl named Nyaa-tan who was tricked by the Rat during the battle/race to be included in the Chinese zodiac. As a result, Nyaa-tan is trying to rejoin the zodiac despite having lost some of her memories. She ends up meeting a boy named Takeru Amato whose house just so happens to have a portal into the world of gods. Takeru gets thrown into some of the god’s conflict.

Interestingly enough, the gods here get their powers from praise and human emotions which they just soak up. Nyaa-tan requires it to charge up into super god mode and DAYUM the animation is amazing for that sequence of transformation. I also love the art style change to get the point across in video-game battle mode. It definitely makes for more interesting combat than straightforward animation.Etotama Episode 1 (14)

Awww I’m so charmed by the cutesiness in this series… Though it could get old quickly. It all depends on how this entire story pans out and whether or not Nyaa-tan will go and fight all the other members of the zodiac as well.

The show seems pretty cutesy on first glance and it sets up an interesting premise though it doesn’t really offer any means of solution to Nyaa-tan’s issue of rejoining the zodiac. In addition to this, I’m wondering how the show will balance out the divine world with the slice of life world. It seems like it’ll be pretty straightforward and we might just seem a completely clear cut duality for the sake of “taking sides” for the battles each week.

Judging just by the poster, Takeru doesn’t seem like THAT central of a character but serves to provide the “human” perspective in the story should conflict escalate.

The previews show us quite a bit of comedy in next week’s show. I can’t wait for all the zodiac animals to start interacting with Nyaa-tan.

– Cloudy

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