Kekkai Sensen Episode 1 Impressions

Kekkai Sensen Poster“I ended up in a lousy city of miracles.” – Leonardo Watch

Rating: 4.2/2 immensely curious clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

WOW how’s that for an epic prologue opening? Best introduction into a series I’ve seen thus far in the season and nothing quite as exciting. These first impressions are going to be heavy on recap because the pilot was hella plot heavy.

The synopsis reveals that when a gate to the underworld opens suddenly, monsters and people intermingle in this strange new world. This event thus known as “The Great Collapse” has utterly changed the way the world functions and all its norms alongside. We begin our story with a boy named Leonardo Watch who is narrating the story in retrospect in a letter to his sister.

Fast forward through the regular events to the diner for lunch. When a weird sonic monkey robot ends up stealing Leo’s camera, he chases it all the way into the middle of a crazed armed robbery fiasco. A whole series of convenient events bring Leo to the Libra Organization, a secret society of supernatural beings who claim to maintain the balance between all factions in the underworld and overworld.

He ends up meeting Zapp Renfro, Klaus von Reinherz and Chain Sumeragi. While these introductions are happening, Femt (the supposed antagonist), who rules Jerusalem’s lot (a place of miracles which also reminds me a lot of New York City) appears. Bored, Femt challenges the authorities to “find the gate that split the robber in two before the demon and destroy it.” Should the demon find the gate first? Well… s**t goes down. For reasons still unknown, Leo has inserted himself in the middle of this chaos in an attempt to search for the answer he’s been searching for. A flashback reveals that Leo’s family once took a trip to New York to search for the Jerusalem’s Lot to heal Leo’s sister’s crippled legs. During this trip, he was approached by some supernatural entity to be a “witness.” Leo agreed to the entity and ended up with magical-all-seeing eyes of god Leo ends up being recruited by Klaus to aid the Libra.

A WHOLE LOT of action and madness takes place in the first episode and it took me about three watches overall to piece together everything that’s happening but this is about as packed as you can get for a first episode but by the end of it, Leo has joined the main group of protagonists. So far though, Klaus is my favourite character. He definitely got the best dialogue in the episode.

The soundtrack sounds great. From every day music to battle music, the palette really reminds me of Baccano’s groovy and fast-driven beats. The combat style also looks quite innovative, reminiscent of supernatural and martial arts styles. I’m interested to see each main character’s specific fighting prowess.

In the end Leo does aid Libra in averting disaster in the city, foiling Femt’s plan, though the city is pretty beat up already. Well, this all seems like a regular day for Jerusalem’s Lot and I’m already looking forward to the next episode. I’m really impressed with Kekkai Sensen’s series opening because I’ve never been a fan of grungy supernatural sci-fi series. It’s usually character designs, art style and slow initial story pacing that turns me off from those series. However, I found Kekkai Sensen quite compelling in animation and plot right off the get-go. There’s a lot of explanations to be had regarding the supernatural abilities of the Libra members as well as explanations on the sketchy city of Jerusalem’s Lot… Lots to look forward to this season with Kekkai Sensen.

– Cloudy

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