Owari no Seraph Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

What I love about Seraph of the End episodes thus far is that each episode so cleverly introduces a new part of the world to us and pushes Yu forward in its own little way. This week, we’re introduced to the concept of “cursed weapons” and the demon contracts that come with the Moon Demon Company.

Seraph of the End Episode 3 (10)Yoichi, Yu’s new friend, is hounded down by his previous bullies so that he can help them find their friend. If you remember in previous episodes, the bullies snuck into the Forbidden Chamber part of the school which is – you know – “forbidden” which is why their friend “disappeared.”

Shinoa reveals that the Forbidden Chamber is one of the “wonders of the school.” The particular area is actually a training facility for Vampire Extermination Unit members…. Actually, the entire school is a Vampire Extermination training area. A demon is locked underground the school and those who resist the pull of its evil energy are later recruited into the extermination unit.

Seraph of the End Episode 3 (15)I suppose this is the first of many of Yu’s “headlong charges into danger” because though he’s heard so much about the demons preying on humans and their hateful energy, he charges right into another student’s test, disarms him and goes into the test himself. Yu easily breaks out of the demon trance and returns to his own mind though. Despite being haunted by memories of his family’s death, he approaches demons and monsters fearlessly with only one thing in mind, revenge. Surprisingly he’s immensely clearheaded with who and how his family members were. Seems like people keep underestimating him.

My favourite scene is probably the twist at the end of the episode where we see the demon noble, who Yu supposedly slayed, not dead; and Mikaela, Yu’s beloved best friend, alive, and with the demons.

Goodness, how all the suspense. I’m so hooked on this adaptation. They are doing an oh so good job with the original material.Seraph of the End Episode 3 (20)

– Cloudy

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