Plastic Memories Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Since Tsukasa is being paired up with Isla, he’s assigned to live with her in the dorms. Awkwardly for them, Isla won’t talk to Tsukasa in the house at all. As a result, the entire first half of the episode progresses with Tsukasa’s many attempts to break through to Isla around the house. Cause communication is apparently overrated omg, he attempts a few different antics to impress Isla so she’ll speak to him going from manly techniques to cooking, heroism and even flowers. OMG Tsukasa is such a weirdo.

Plastic Memories Episode 3 (8)Michiru is utterly ruthless with Tsukasa’s failures. She even ends up punching him in the face once LOL

Ultimate conclusion? Women are complicated. LOL Thanks Tsukasa.

Kazuki drops a bit of a hint when she guesses Isla wants to “remain a machine” when she’s not obligated for social interaction which is why she socially shuts down at home. Perhaps it goes back to what we saw in episode one concerning Isla’s mental struggle with her Giftia lifespan. Tsukasa ends up buying some herbs for Isla to thank her for her hard work with him in the last few days. Isla gets pretty surprised that he wants to thank her because she’s supposedly “just a machine” in their business relationship. Still, Tsukasa wants to make memories with her… and this is just a bit touchy for Isla in general.

Plastic Memories Episode 3 (15)I guess Isla doesn’t want to make any sort of memories she might lose one day. The mood of the episode definitely drops to a more sombre tone. For all of Tsukasa’s effort, he can’t seem to get through to Isla. She’s a sweet girl. She’s just… confused with herself right now.

It’s the quiet gestures that count and by the end of the day, most of the tension has dispelled between the two. I hope Isla really warms up to Tsukasa, you can’t help but root for him because he’s so sensitive and sincere when it comes to Isla. To some viewers, this episode might have seemed like it dragged on with all the comedy and slice of life scenes however I really think these excessive light-hearted scene serve to build emotional closeness between Isla and Tsukasa as well as garner sympathy from the audience regarding the two. The series needs a good balance of both their work life and private life to properly develop the characters alongside each other. Hopefully after this short episodic break, we’ll return to the Giftia collection process next week. So many feels for this couple, I’m already so attached…Plastic Memories Episode 3 (21)Plastic Memories Episode 3 (22)

– Cloudy

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